Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm a Copy Cat :)

Fun idea, Laura, on the flashback from last year. Forgive me for copying you. :)

A year ago today... Dustin proposed. It has flown by. I love my wonderful husband.

Took a "break" from my "blog break" to do a flashback post of last year today.

Not like anyone has to read all this, but I just wanted to go dig it up and look at it again. =) Maybe new friends might be interested, someone might be bored, or my mom will want to re-read it. Who knows?


God-Ordained Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Many things are getting graded/finished with the blog break and kicking it in high gear.
There are 4 1/2 days left until summer. Bittersweet, because I love these kids, but it's also wonderful to anticipate a break.
Mindy's coming Saturday!
I'm allergic to Louisville. Achoo!
Long weekend for Memorial Day... yea!
We turned our "dungeon" room into a guest room this week. It was really fun. We're ready for visitors now. Keep 'em coming.
Reading Muller's autobiography. I'll be posting on it soon. Stay tuned.

Back to my Blog Break/Fast.


Psalm Writer said...

sounds good what weeks good for you? ill come! lol

Ryan Bebee said...

Jamison! I remember when you called me this time last year, and what a joy it was to hear the story! Miss you sweet friend, and it was great to hear yours and Mindy's voice this weekend!! We are coming OH SO SOON! Love ya!