Thursday, May 10, 2007

To those who know this pain...

Girl Talk offers such wonderful encouragement to any grieving mothers (or mothers who have grieved in the past) and I want to pass it along to a few of my friends here.

I would encourage anyone to go here who has lost a little one or numerous little ones... how I love you.


gerlthouse said...

Sweet Jamie-
Thanks for all the love this week. I needed you and your strenght and your prayers. Love you.

Jamie Butts said...

My Erin,

Nope, thank YOU, sweet sister. Your strong faith this week gave me encouragement. I pray for the strength to endure trials with the humility and faith your of your family as your actions/speech testify to the glory of God. "The Lord is gracious..." We have surely come to trust in this great God together as we have learned in both small and huge ways to bless the Lord when He gives and when He takes away. I love you.

Kristy said...

Check this out:
August 20, 2006AM--the sermon on Romans 5:12-14. (Sorry, I don't know the cool blog way to insert a link:)) But this is wonderful! If you don't have 45 minutes, fast forward to minute 37 and listen to a 5 minute segment that deals with this topic. It is probably the best I have heard dealing with the loss of babies and children. Hope it is an encouragement! Love you!

sarahdodson said...

That was a sweet link, Jamie. Thanks for sharing. The Lord is just and good in ALL he does and allows.

ps. you're so cute about the running program:)) Making cookies sounds a LOT better. I actually got in my 1.5. My dad and I went to the track together and afterwards played some tennis. Fun times:)

Jamie Butts said...

Thanks for the link, Kristy! I'll have to check it out!