Thursday, December 07, 2006


I just realized I'd better upload some pics of Monday's breakfast so I can include them in tomorrow's class newsletter. Facebook seems like a good thing for sharing pictures, even if you aren't a member, friend, or whatever facebookers are called. Jay, you're the one that gave me this idea. Props. Erin, I still want to get Picassa, too. Good grief.. I don't care what I get, I just need to get our pictures organized. =)

Here are my only albums:

Fantastic 5A and Theology Breakfast Pictures

Joey's Trip to Kentucky/Thanksgiving Week

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

'Tis the season...

... for my blog to be on pause. Just 6.5 more school days until Christmas, but who's counting?

Call me an addict, but I kind of miss blogging. Feel like I've been out of the blog loop for awhile. Miss Dustin's blog, although I see him every day. Ha! Miss Gerlt House, the people and the blog. Miss lots of people and friends from TX! We're looking forward to our upcoming visit!

Quick update:

1. The countdown continues... Chris Peek gets married to Sweet Seattle Sarah on the 16th. Yes, that's Hanukkah, but it's unrelated. =) I miss them sooo much!

2. The Theology Breakfast went so well! I can't wait to post pictures and details, although it will probably be after December 15th. If you are a facebooker, Thanksgiving ones are up on Facebook. I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into with that thing... Seems like another time zapper, so I'll try to guard myself.

3. Field Trip on Friday to see the play version of Narnia! Woohoo!

4. It's cold here. Really really cold. And we STILL. GO. TO. RECESS!?!?!!! Maybe I'll get used to it soon. =P

5. School's going well. Trying to stay caught up. Love my kids.

6. Dustin's done with the semester. Love it. So nice for him to have a break after 10 weeks of intense study.

7. Changed my little profile quote. A hymn we sang at church last Sunday keeps rolling around in my head this week (good thing) and vs. 3 reminded me of my blog title, so there you go.

How are you? Stay in touch. Missing you guys and gals! :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

We Can Hardly Wait!

5A is so pumped up about Monday's Theology breakfast with the guys. My kiddos had a few more questions, so I wanted to paste them here. Also, anonymous from the last entry concering the breakfast, I will try to jot some notes on their answers ... we MAY have a video camera, which would help. We'll see... We'll definitely let you know how it goes. They are really desiring to learn more.

If the devil wanted to, could he ever do something good? - Lydia
Why did Jesus tell his disciples not to tell anyone he was the Messiah? - Jake
When Jesus would heal someone, why would he say not to tell anyone, when he wanted people to spread the Word? - Gabby
If in the Mount of Olives before the Crucifixion, it says all the Disciples were asleep. But then who wrote the part about Jesus praying?!?! My dad used to study the Bible, like you guys, and he didn’t even know… Help! - Adam