Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More from Christmas 2008

Here are some more from Christmas 2008. I always kick myself for not taking enough pics over Christmas. I guess we are having too much fun in the moment to snap pics. However, here are a few good ones. These include pics of our cute nephews, Ethan and Henry. And our sweet Mom and Dad Butts. And our dear friend and the pastor who married us, Phillip Way. Isn't the last pic precious? Uncle Dustin and Aunt Jamie sure love our sweet nephews.


Below: Mostly ElDo D-Now again, but also a picture with my "old" Sunday School teacher and his wife and a picture from Bethany House with our friends, Yu and Michael. Lampasas Christmas pictures will be posted soon.

Lunch Break - Picture Catch-Up

Oops! One picture is sideways, and I don't have time to go back and fix it. Just turn your head, okay? :)
These are from our visit with the Cozarts in San Angelo. We finally got to meet their son and catch up! The other pictures are from this past weekend at the D-Now in ElDorado.
There are more pics from the Butts-Cozart reunion over at Laura's site.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some People That Encourage Me Today

(This is definitely a short list, but there are some people on my heart lately.)
Sylas and Shea - who serve the youth in ElDorado tirelessly, with a great love for the cause of Christ

Kevin and Becky - who have put their whole life in a few suitcases and moved across the globe to share the Gospel

My Erin Gerlt - who has taken on 5 extra kids to homeschool because their mom died

Laura Cozart - who is such a faithful friend, prayer warrior and wonderful new mother... and I get to see her tonight!

Ladies at 3ABC - countless ladies/mothers at church who have had trials ranging from miscarriage to infertility to deaths in their family and the faith that they hold firmly... I know my emotions and sin struggles, and I pray for grace to endure trials in such a precious way that points to Jesus

Dustin - who loves, encourages and serves me so well during this insanely busy season we call seminary, who greets me each morning with a bear hug and ends the day the same way, who prays for me and the list goes on

Jesus - because He has forgiven all of my sin and given me such joy in being His, knowing Him and striving to make Him known... what a Pearl of Great Price

"You created nothing that gives me more pleasure than You..." - Caedmon's Call

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

We're alive, I promise!

The last few days have been back to the grind, for us (and for you, most likely). I promise we are alive, although I feel like I haven't talked to several friends in forever! We had a good, but at times hard, trip to see our family. Dustin's sweet grandmother, Ninelle we called her, passed away while were in Lampasas. Thankfully, we were able to extend our trip and we are glad God had us there during that time. Dustin's busy writing a paper that his professor gave us an extension on due to TX/the funeral, and I am beginning Quarter 3 with one less girl. My new ratio of boys to girls is 14:5. Thanks to my friend Andrea's advice, I tried to start the year off reviewing the rules and procedures, treating it as a new year with HIGH expectations. The kids are doing great. (Maybe I should start off each Monday like that...ha!) They even behaved well today, despite the snowy/sleet-y (?) weather outside. We had a great time with family and some friends in TX. We miss them already. However, it simultaneously so good to be back. We haven't worshipped with our church family in 3 Sundays! We are missing them! I guess that's all I have time for at the moment. Lots of love.

Saturday, January 03, 2009