Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm alive... I promise!

An update! But not a long one... just some random thoughts.

- In-service day today here at school. Off on Monday and Tuesday, which is pretty exciting. I'm working the election on Tuesday. People keep laughing at me, saying I'll be working with senior adults. I like senior adults. I'll just be thrilled if I can put together the voting machines (we poll workers do that, you know) and take care of all of the voters. I'd better look over my manual again...
- We wanted to get somewhat out of the bubble, and boy, have we. God has been gracious to answer that prayer. We have made new friends around Old Louisville. I have a friend who is pro-choice and a strong feminist. I have a neighbor who smokes weed. The house next to us is practically a frat house. We are constantly invited to go "tailgating" with another neighbor. Dustin's basketball buddies got in a huge brawl last night; he had to kindly kick them out of the gym since he runs the ministry. Our new Thursday night dinner guest (a basketball buddy) had never heard of Abraham or Moses or taco soup. And the list goes on... it's great for my spinning thoughts. I always knew the world didn't all think and smell and believe just like me. But now we're experiencing it. I have a lot of questions about how to interact. When to be bold and press. When to listen and win trust. How to share the Gospel. I need more love for them. I find myself tempted to be like the pharisee in this story, but I must not. I can't think like that or pray like that. I need love for these people and it doesn't always come easily, to be honest. So, new items for prayer...
- My 14 boys are doing just swell, but another gal is moving, which will bring our population of women to a whopping 5. Crazy!
- It's been really cold for the fall. But that means it's time to make lots of yummy soups, chilis and stews!
- Well, I want to get out of here, so I'm going to wrap this up. More the next time...


Friday, October 10, 2008

I heart Chinese food and friends!

Steve and Casey are friends we met outside of church on our walk home one Sunday. Last weekend, Casey taught us how to make scrumptious Jiaozi, a special Chinese dish! (Thanks for helping me figure out how to spell it, Mary!) They are so yummy and somewhat of a labor of love to prepare. Casey really did all of the hard work, but Mary and I were eager to learn and had fun with our attempts to make our jiaozi like Casey showed us. =) They taste kind of like empanadas and there is something similar at PF Changs, but I think these were much better! This was such a fun night, and don't even ask how many we ate. Thanks for hosting, Adam and Mary!

Finally... pictures!

We finally set up our computer in our new home (not the laptop), despite no internet, to have access to our pictures. So, I was able to put pics on my cruzer from the computer and the camera. I won't have time to put them all on at once, or even today, but I'll post some here and there, now that I have them at school.

The first 2 are from our Back To School TX/San Angelo/CB Party at our new casa! It was in August, so that tells you how behind I am in organizing pictures!

Monday, October 06, 2008

What's New

Howdy folks. It's been awhile since I updated the blog, so here we go...

It's been an interesting school year for both of us where the words discipline, endurance, waiting, trusting, prioritizing, budgeting, grace, encouragement, confession and a dozen other words are heard in our home and in our prayers more often than perhaps years past.

Thankfully, things have made us smile lately as well (the 1st paragraph seemed so serious). We love the fall, and apparently THE way to initiate the fall in Old Louisville is the St. James Art Fair. We live right across the street from this mega annual event that brings in a quarter of a million people, which means we had to park at the church all week. This meant that we went on a lot of walks to and from the casa this weekend. I like to go on walks. I don't get outdoors much these days. Interestingly, we only had time to visit a few booths (out of hundreds) at the art fair, but it seemed like a good time was had by all. One day, we were able to babysit some kiddos from church whose parents were working at the art fair as volunteers. Dustin and I each took a stroller and joined some friends for a picnic at the park. It was a nice time with the little kiddos, outdoors on a beatiful day - refreshing. We also played some games with some friends on Friday night. Oh, and we also went to our friends' house to enjoy making and eating a special Chinese dish on Saturday. Steve and Casey are our new friends that we met in Old Louisville, new believers full of questions and joy. I just wish I already had my picture of the food on my computer. It was terrific, but I can't spell it. :) The fellowship was really sweet.

I also have a new job. :) I'm going to be a poll worker this year for the election, which is pretty exciting, because it will be nice to help with Christmas gifts. I love meeting new people, too, so it should be fun. I have training tomorrow night. I am also slightly addicted to National Public Radio these days, and I wonder, "Who am I?"

We'll add another ordinance to the list of things that make me cry these days. The Lord's Supper was such a sweet time last night. Dustin taught the devotion about the hope of heaven, and it was so encouraging. I am learning how much I need to be meditating on the Gospel constantly - to avoid legalism, self-righteousness, despair, complaining, mind-in-the-muck, me-focus, etc. Oh for grace to trust Him more!

We are looking to the future, things beyond Dustin's graduation, May 2009. We appreciate your prayers not only for those future things, but for the present. Pray for the strength to finish strong - for Dustin, at seminary and for me, here at CAL. It's weird to think about finishing, but I know how time flies!

Our church re-grouped home groups with new members and whatnot, so we start up home group again tonight. We're looking forward to it!

Hope you all are doing well. Lots of love from us to you!