Wednesday, April 28, 2010


More from the same series - really worth a read! -
It's Just A Suggestion.

Monday, April 26, 2010

To Schedule (Kids) Or Not To Schedule

It seems that part of my daily routine as a new mom is hitting up my beloved Girl Talk archives. What a gift these ladies are to me... I've loved their blog for years now. They hit on soooo many important topics to women of all ages. They love the Gospel. They admit their shortcomings, letting you in on some of the daily grind they too face. And, in areas like this, they make clear that what they offer is just a SUGGESTION, not Gospel imperatives.

Anyway, so I like their series of old on ROUTINE. I like routine though. You might not. And, that's okay. It's just a suggestion. I'd actually start with the concluding remarks found here. Then, go back and browse through the series and see if you find any articles helpful in your specific season of parenting, should you find yourself in one today.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Terrific Deal! Thanks Meg!

Props to my new friend Meg King (see side bar!) for this amazing link for a free 8X10 canvas print! You just have to pay shipping!

Nate and Macy

**Photo credits to Erin Gerlt! (More pics on facebook...)

Monday, April 05, 2010


So, we celebrated Easter from our home yesterday. The stomach bug attacked Momma Butts, so Daddy stayed home to care for her and the boy. There were some really low points of the illness, but believe us, those do not need to be spoken of on the internet. But the highs were sweet lessons that this small trial (we really missed worshipping at church for Easter) was a great reminder that the Risen Lord will one day end all sickness for those who believe! And a little reminder of how awesome my husband is... what a man!

Although Nate didn't get to wear his adorable Walmart outfit, we had to try it on today and take a few pics. He's 5 months today, by the way. Big boy. We kind of stole the "5 months" sign from the Goads and Byers. Sorry guys. We're not too clever to think of anything new and creative, so thought we'd join in the monthly fun. This was our first picture to catch him laughing.