Monday, March 29, 2010


"Because the people God uses don't have to know a lot of things, or have a lot of things - they just have to need him a lot."

from Let's Go, a story about when Jesus chooses his helpers, from the Jesus Storybook Bible

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fading "Rights"

I'm loving our current Women's Group book right now. Don't let the title make you assume it's watered-down or cheesy since it's specifically for the ladies. We all had the same thought when we first considered this light blue, "pretty" theology book with an artsy brown bird on it. :) It's good, deep stuff. Really helpful reminders. Truth to apply.

Here's one worth sharing. I'm always inspired to put up verses or quotes on my bathroom mirror or in my kitchen, by where I do dishes, but I just don't. I never move past the "being inspired" stage, I guess. But this one went on a card and up a few days ago. So far, it's been applicable every day. Something to chew on, for sure. It is part of a summary of Philippians 2, in a chapter entitled God Is Our Savior, Example, and Bridegroom.

We are called to willingly give up our rights and welcome the sacrifices that accompany being a servant to others. We are not called to think badly of ourselves. People who think badly of themselves are as self-centered as those who think highly of themselves. Instead, we are called not to think of ourselves at all. As our grasp on our perceived rights weakens, our needs fade into the background, and we become little images of Christ - consumed with the needs of others to the forgetfulness of our own.

-Wendy Horger Alsup, Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives

Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday, March 05, 2010

Scattered Friday Thoughts

Hey Hey and Happy Friday!
*You can scroll down for pictures if that's all you really want anyway! :)

We were digging the sunshine yesterday, and we're hoping for another sunshiney day today! Not too much to report around here. I've been able to get out (or have people over) a lot more lately, and I've definitely enjoyed that.

There's a lot on my mind this morning for some reason. I've been thinking about discipleship (specifically among women) and how it's neat that you are passing on the baton in the race of the Christian life. And, it's also scary in that I think it's tempting to make your goal - whether intentionally or unintentionally - to make a clone of yourself, instead of pointing others to Jesus.

Our friends (Cuthbertsons) are also heavy on my heart as they travel overseas to pick up their adopted son. They've been sick all week, so stop & say a quick prayer for their health, especially since Laura (the mom) is pregnant as well!

I've been thinking about my sweet friend Becky whose precious grandmother died recently. I'm encouraged by how Becky has counted the cost of following Christ, in their case to spread His glory among the nations. And, how that cost includes missing a funeral (and being with family) due to being across the world because of the Gospel. Like the guy in Luke 9:57-63. Jesus means what He says. He is worth it. This very text was in a sermon (I told you this was scattered) Dustin and I recently listened to (here).

So, (if you are even still following) we've also been inspired/encouraged/humbled by 2 movies recently. I know...movies? Really though. Nope. Not Food Inc, although that was interesting, and we did finally watch it. ;) The 2 movies are The Soloist and Hotel Rwanda. The latter gave us a stark reminder that we, to put it bluntly, do NOT hold a global vision of life. We forget about the rest of the world. The first one, The Soloist, made me remember that we live like KINGS compared to SO many in the world, so many even in America. Not only are we fed, clothed and sheltered - we are WELL fed, WELL clothed and WELL sheltered.

Anyway, I guess all of Nate-Man's sleeping has provided me some more sleeping time, which has got my brain (semi) working again. Speaking of, sweet Nathaniel is 4 months old today. He's sleeping through the night (for a week now) and having happier, longer waketimes as a result. I'm a big fan of this age. We even went on our First Date Since Nate! Dustin and I got to talk for 2 hours at Panera over coffee/dessert. Yippee! So, yup, we love our little man soooo much! I love all of Nate's smiles and how he "talks" so much. It's fun that when you blow on his face, he blinks his eyes about 3 times and then flashes a HUGE smile. A million other things are special too. I am so thankful to be his mommy. Undeserving. Thankful.

Oh... so scattered! Oh yes... my friend Cheri (my former co-teacher at CAL and she was the music teacher at my middle school/high school - back in the day) came over and helped me finish up Nate's room. Design on $6 (+ the cost of spray paint) because that's all it cost. She is that good, people. There's also a pic of Nate in the tub (LOVES it) and with one of his girlfriends, Libby Byers. :)