Friday, June 22, 2007

We're off.

Taking off tomorrow morning towards the "Lone Star State" to see family, including church family, friends and get the truck inspected, teeth cleaned, etc. Talk to you later.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So, I have a few links for you.

One is for the present or future cooks, wives, and moms. My dear friend Erin set up this blog recently. Oh, and hit up the Put off/Put on List on her sidebar. It's terrific. Enjoy!

My Symphony

On this blog, you'll find things like...
Things like how to teach my children more effectively. How to provide the best nutrition for my family. How to schedule our day so we will be the most productive. How to serve my husband better. How to stick to our budget. All of the things that come with managing a household.

Also, one of my most precious memories from college is a group of gals I taught in a little Bible study. Truthfully, they taught me. So much! We grew in Christ together during sweet and also hard seasons. They were sweet sisters in Christ and I miss them terribly. They are graduating from college, falling in love, etc. and I feel old. One of them has a blog and I'm thrilled. I love seeing her face and hearing her heart, which overflows with joy. My Jenn Dower. :)

Rags for Righteousness

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pleasing People

Well, I just finished reviewing (or quoting from, rather) the 1st half of People Pleasing, by Lou Priolo. Truth be known, this book has become more of a Bible study on a besetting sin of mine than a leisurely summer read. The following quote is not included on my post there, but it is a good caution for wives.
When the approval-seeking housewife overcommits herself to activities outside the home to the neglect of her husband or children, she is more concerned about her reputation among her friends than she is about the Lord's reputation.

Scary, huh? I am learning that there are a million ways that people-pleasing is a sin of mine. It was even worse than I thought! His points either hit me where I was or scared me of where I COULD be, if I am not watchful. Praise the Lord for conviction. Another excellent quote that I DID include on my post is this one:

Pride is an insidious thing. Just when you are convinced that you have one of its tentacles under control, another one snakes out to grab you. Oh, it has probably been there all along, but you never saw it before. So off you go to try to bring it under the Spirit's control and in time, by God's grace, you do. Then, just as you're thinking you've got it under control, out wriggles another one. Pride is like a garment with a million secret pockets that you're constantly discovering.

What do you think?

Friday, June 15, 2007


Recently, I spent an afternoon and dinner at the Menikoff's while Dustin was at work and basketball/Bible study. Deana is a good friend of mine here that I meet with often. She and Aaron have 3 fun kiddos - Rachel, Jonah and hilarious "Nat, Nat" (Natalie). It was hard to get active Natalie to sit still, but the other kids were hardly camera shy! Check it out here.

Also... I STONGLY DISLIKE the word custard, but after dinner at BoomBozz, we decided to give Starlight Custard a try despite my disgust. Both were excellent! (More pics here)

Today's been "knick knack/picture day" around here. We're trying to make our home a little more home-y without spending much. We're finally getting pics of family and friends up, which makes me smile.

We look forward to another visitor this upcoming week, Jeremy Haywood. Jeremy is a good friend of Dustin's and attends seminary here. He's home for the summer but sneaking in for a week to do a J-term. We're really excited about his visit. And I hear that one of my college professors is coming through the Ville soon, so it will be fun to meet up with her!

I don't have anything profound, significant, or even remotely close at this time, so I'll sign off now.

OH... I take that back. Nurse Laura passed the NCLEX! YIPPEE! And... Baby Jake is growing up fast. Check him out!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Christmas in June

Good grief. So, we decide to move in the middle of the semester. We unload the important stuff and let anything that could wait until summer, wait. So, today, I'm hitting up my project list and going through some boxes.

So far, and this is about 5 minutes in, I've found:
1. $30 gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond
2. $60 gift card to Walmart
3. My new Jamie Catherine Butts social security card that I had "lost" and just recently finally went through the mess of getting a new one.

Score, right? But... I'm a big dork. Annoyed at myself, but excited for the cards, which I distinctly remember writing thank-yous for already... I think. But in case I forgot and in case YOU gave them to us, thanks.

And don't lose your SS card. Ever. No fun. I have needed it about 3 times since "losing" it. Hmm... back to it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

What's Up

I thought I would blog a little more this summer, but I find I don't have too much to share. Guess this will be another "update" post to catch up familia and amigos.

Dustin's done with his summer J-term. He took Philosophy last week. He's picking up a lot of shifts at the campus info. booth. We're enjoying much more time together, but trying hard to pinch pennies. Funny how when you are working LESS, there is more temptation to spend MORE. Last night, we watched the Spurs game with some good friends of ours from church. Well... the guys did. We gals talked a lot about menu planning and Baby Wise. I didn't have tons to contribute, but it was sooo fun. I love hearing moms talk about all of their fun ideas and how they take care of their kiddos.

Speaking of... In Texas, I had tons of wedding showers to attend. Now, it's baby season. I went to a great baby shower/yummy brunch on Saturday for one of our new friends from church, another sweet Laura. Laura's on the left below (in the blue) and my good friend Deana's on the right. I decided I need to start taking more pictures of my people in Louisville, or I'll have nothing but my mind's eye to remember this season by...

That picture is of some other fun gals from the shower/brunch. Unfortunately, I didn't take any group pictures of everyone.

I love baby/wedding showers where you hear devotions. At this one, 3 of our elder's wives gave little devotions on raising children during infancy, toddler years and childhood. They all brought out so many great points. Deana presented the talk on infants. I especially loved thinking about how God isn't ONLY concerned about the child growing in truth, but the sanctification of the parents as well. Of course, I was also struck with the wonderful privilege and humbling responsibility is the high calling of setting a 24/7 example for your child. The pointed it all back to the Gospel though and how parents are dependent upon the grace and stregth of the Lord. Many wonderful verses were discussed.

Um... Dustin and I are starting to run together on M/W/F. He's a great running buddy. It's soooo much better than running by myself. I'm excited to have some extra motivation now.

If you know me, you know I'm not a big shopper. But, I'd been saving a mall gift card for the summer and there were things I needed for the warmer weather, so it was time. My friend from church, Lindsey (not pictured), LOVES shopping. I was soooo happy that she volunteered to go with me this morning and help out. She's a savvy shopper and bargain hunter. We had a lot of fun, and it was a successful outing. :)

I'm plugging through my new book about people pleasing. It's convicting. More on this soon.

Tutoring begins tomorrow. Every Tuesday and Thursday, depending on schedules, I'll be tutoring from 1-4 kids (1 hours each) at school. Any breaks between tutoring sessions will be used to work on files, organizing... anything to make next year room more smoothly. Strangely, after the week at home, I'm actually ready to get up there and work on things a little.

We enjoyed some time with the Bebees when they came in town for a bit. It will be wonderful to have them close. AND, Chris and his lovely bride will be here really soon, too. We want to have a Peek party at our house soon. Should be fun.

That's about it. It's nice to have a little more time at home and getting to know people. We look forward to our TX trip soon and our anniversary next month. Tata, and if you read this far, bravo. I am totally out of blog-worthy material. Until next time...

Friday, June 08, 2007

John Piper on George Mueller

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this sermon to you. You can listen to it or or read it, but whatever you do, take some time and listen or read. It's rather long, but well worth it.

Having just finished his autobiography, it was especially helpful and clarifying to me. Whether you have read that or not, however, you would be blessed to hear this sermon. Piper digs into other biographies of Mueller and ties things together in a way that will bring you such encouragement in your faith and delightful dependence upon a trustworthy God. He details the events leading up to his dear wife's death, and how he knew that God had done a "good thing" because NO good thing does He withold from them that walk uprightly. I listened and loved every minute of it, stirred almost to tears at points. I am so thankful for George Mueller (and John Piper) and how God uses the lives of others to stir our souls to a greater delight in Him by their obedient examples. Aren't you?

Here's an excerpt from it:

But there was an aroma about Mueller's Calvinism that was different from many stereotypes. For him the sovereign goodness of God served, first and foremost, the satisfaction of the soul. And then the satisfied soul was freed to sacrifice and live a life of simplicity and risk and self-denial and love. But everything flowed from the soul that is first satisfied in the gracious, sovereign God. Mueller is clearer on this than anyone I have ever read.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Booked :)

Well, being a teacher, you would think I would know how to summarize a little better. My 1st post on The Booked Blog is a little long, but it's because Muller's autobiography was oh so quotable. Check it out and pick up a copy soon. I'm starting my 2nd book today. Have you seen it in the stores? It's red with a dog on it. :) It's called Pleasing People, by Lou Priolo. The subtitle is How not to be an "approval junkie" - sounds really helpful. Have a wonderful day!

Update: For a taste of Muller's refreshing and exhorting words, go here. I looked through it some today, and there were MANY helpful quotes.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Homemaker's Best Friend

"My timer is my best friend." - FlyLady
There are more than a few lessons I've learned about keeping a home since my wedding day. Some, I had heard pre-marriage, but I didn't LEARN them until after I said "I do".

One such lesson is from Erin Gerlt and her beloved Fly Lady. Thanks to both, I have learned an invaluable lesson about cleaning with timers. You see, I get distracted easily. I am fast-paced, on-the-go, a big-kid and it's hard enough for me to slow down to read, sleep or do important, quiet things. Cleaning house can get... boring. Yes, it's wonderful to make a home for your husband and family, but let's not make it more exciting than it is. The exciting part is truly when you are finished, although there is deep satisfaction while blaring music and scrubbing your tub.

Well, now that I'm at home, I'm all about keeping this place spic and span. I have a summer break and no excuses. I don't have to leave all of the deep cleaning to Saturdays. Woohoo.

Here's how this timer plan works best for me. It keeps me busy and changes it up just as you are about to give up from boredom or distraction (hmm... I'm in the kitchen. Let's just take a look at this cookbook... In the bedroom... that reminds me of something I wanted to get at Hobby Lobby... Cleaning windows... I really need to go to Wal-Mart and get some hanging flowers...).

1. Do the hard things first.
2. Set the timer for 10 or 15 minutes each. Do one room or area at a time.
3. No breaks until you've done 3 or 4 rotations.
4. Don't forget to throw in some laundry or take out chicken to thaw or whatnot before you get started on your rooms.
5. When the timer dings, finish what you're doing (drying a plate?), but then go on to a different room. I don't start the timer until I have all my supplies out first.
6. Reward yourself with a Dr. Pepper and reading rotation. :)
7. Another idea: Have a stationary/letter writing rotation, where you stop and write letters to friends (or e-mail) for 10 minutes. You know, those letters you've been putting off for way too long.

I need systems for cleaning. This worked well for me on school nights, too. So, you only have 30 minutes before your husband gets home and you both go to Bible study or something. Clean 3 rooms at 10 minutes each. Do it again when you get home. You'll be surprised. Keep the music on. :) Try to take JOY in your work. What if you were homeless? Think of Scripture. Get a wonderful song in your head. Pray.

Redeem the time. Get to cleaning. I'm preaching to myself here.

BEEP... Gotta jet.

Check the Book Blog. Lots of new posts, and I hope to post my first one later this evening...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mindy's Visit

Dustin and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Mindy last weekend. It was a nice, long visit because of Memorial Day Weekend! Mindy and I attended New Attitude. To hear any of the sermons, head to their website and download for free. I highly recommend them. We had a blast. It was such a refreshing visit for me and opened my eyes to the fact that fellowship is soooo important. I long to reunite with some of my friends that I have neglected this year and grow in new relationships with gals here. The sermons were edifying and helpful. And we just had fun and laughed a lot. We love you, Mindy!

Wrapping things up at school...

Here are a few scenes from the end of the year.
1. Students hard at work!
2. Time for awards...
3. Pool Party!

It is hard to believe that the school year is over. It's been one full of memories with picnics, theology breakfasts, long division and research papers. These kids, my first class at CAL, were really special to me. The cookie party didn't work out because of Memorial Day plans, so we had a pool party at my room mother's house. From go-carts to swimming to burritos, it was a blast. I thank the Lord for these kiddos. And now, I look forward to some time to get ready for next year, relax, enjoy my husband and home, read, make new friends, tutor, grow and fellowship with our church family, meet neighbors, practice piano, etc.