Friday, June 08, 2007

John Piper on George Mueller

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this sermon to you. You can listen to it or or read it, but whatever you do, take some time and listen or read. It's rather long, but well worth it.

Having just finished his autobiography, it was especially helpful and clarifying to me. Whether you have read that or not, however, you would be blessed to hear this sermon. Piper digs into other biographies of Mueller and ties things together in a way that will bring you such encouragement in your faith and delightful dependence upon a trustworthy God. He details the events leading up to his dear wife's death, and how he knew that God had done a "good thing" because NO good thing does He withold from them that walk uprightly. I listened and loved every minute of it, stirred almost to tears at points. I am so thankful for George Mueller (and John Piper) and how God uses the lives of others to stir our souls to a greater delight in Him by their obedient examples. Aren't you?

Here's an excerpt from it:

But there was an aroma about Mueller's Calvinism that was different from many stereotypes. For him the sovereign goodness of God served, first and foremost, the satisfaction of the soul. And then the satisfied soul was freed to sacrifice and live a life of simplicity and risk and self-denial and love. But everything flowed from the soul that is first satisfied in the gracious, sovereign God. Mueller is clearer on this than anyone I have ever read.

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