Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So, I have a few links for you.

One is for the present or future cooks, wives, and moms. My dear friend Erin set up this blog recently. Oh, and hit up the Put off/Put on List on her sidebar. It's terrific. Enjoy!

My Symphony

On this blog, you'll find things like...
Things like how to teach my children more effectively. How to provide the best nutrition for my family. How to schedule our day so we will be the most productive. How to serve my husband better. How to stick to our budget. All of the things that come with managing a household.

Also, one of my most precious memories from college is a group of gals I taught in a little Bible study. Truthfully, they taught me. So much! We grew in Christ together during sweet and also hard seasons. They were sweet sisters in Christ and I miss them terribly. They are graduating from college, falling in love, etc. and I feel old. One of them has a blog and I'm thrilled. I love seeing her face and hearing her heart, which overflows with joy. My Jenn Dower. :)

Rags for Righteousness

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