Friday, June 15, 2007


Recently, I spent an afternoon and dinner at the Menikoff's while Dustin was at work and basketball/Bible study. Deana is a good friend of mine here that I meet with often. She and Aaron have 3 fun kiddos - Rachel, Jonah and hilarious "Nat, Nat" (Natalie). It was hard to get active Natalie to sit still, but the other kids were hardly camera shy! Check it out here.

Also... I STONGLY DISLIKE the word custard, but after dinner at BoomBozz, we decided to give Starlight Custard a try despite my disgust. Both were excellent! (More pics here)

Today's been "knick knack/picture day" around here. We're trying to make our home a little more home-y without spending much. We're finally getting pics of family and friends up, which makes me smile.

We look forward to another visitor this upcoming week, Jeremy Haywood. Jeremy is a good friend of Dustin's and attends seminary here. He's home for the summer but sneaking in for a week to do a J-term. We're really excited about his visit. And I hear that one of my college professors is coming through the Ville soon, so it will be fun to meet up with her!

I don't have anything profound, significant, or even remotely close at this time, so I'll sign off now.

OH... I take that back. Nurse Laura passed the NCLEX! YIPPEE! And... Baby Jake is growing up fast. Check him out!


sarahdodson said...

Sweet pic! Do you seriously NOT like the word custard??? I can't imagine not liking a word that much! How funny. Glad you're getting some pictures up in your home. fun!

Jamie Butts said...

It's really that I don't like the word curdled. Custard has some of the same letters, I guess. Sigh. Ask Travis Dawson about it one day. It was yummy though. So, I'm making your Strawberry Bread recipe from my Coleman shower. It's baking right now. Smells yummy. Thanks again!