Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Booked :)

Well, being a teacher, you would think I would know how to summarize a little better. My 1st post on The Booked Blog is a little long, but it's because Muller's autobiography was oh so quotable. Check it out and pick up a copy soon. I'm starting my 2nd book today. Have you seen it in the stores? It's red with a dog on it. :) It's called Pleasing People, by Lou Priolo. The subtitle is How not to be an "approval junkie" - sounds really helpful. Have a wonderful day!

Update: For a taste of Muller's refreshing and exhorting words, go here. I looked through it some today, and there were MANY helpful quotes.

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J White said...

Hi dear Jamie!
Hope you are doing well. Congratulations on the end of another school year!
I went through a financial crisis (job change- pay day change- carelessness.........SIN) and the Lord in his kindness led me to Old George's autobigraphy that had been on my bookshelf for 2 years. What a loving father to lead me to a man of such faith in order to stregnthen my own. He is good! And that book was amazing....thanks for the reminder. love you! Jamie