Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dinner Table Conversation

Apparently, there was a little Kindergartener, we'll call her L, at my school who came to her teacher yesterday almost in tears. The teacher asked L what on earth was wrong. L explained, through the sobs, that everyone at this school is being mean to one of the teachers. The teacher wisely asked L to explain what was going on. L said that everyone was calling a 5th grade teacher a VERY bad name. She said that EVERYONE kept calling the teacher Mrs. Butts. Just then, a little boy (let's say T) interrupted and knowingly announced to his teacher that he tried to explain to L that it was just the teacher's name. Smiling, the teacher tried to hold back her laughter, and confirmed to the girl that we have a teacher at our school whose name is Mrs. Butts. She explained that it's just her name, like Smith or Walker. The other kids weren't being mean, but just calling her by her name. This teacher nearly ran me over to find me to tell me the story yesterday. It was pretty funny.
And then today, at carpool girl, this wide-eyed, awkward little girl came up to me with her princess backpack on and said slowly, "Hi, Mrs. Butts" and I knew my name was probably the topic of many dinner tables in Louisville last night.

My 5th graders loved this story. They haven't said one word about my name all year and so I didn't mention it. Granted, their wise parents probably threatened them. However, I think it was fun for them to see that even I got a kick out of the name from time to time. But, don't you start laughing. It's just a NAME, like Smith or Walker.

Monday, August 28, 2006

To The Birthday Girl

Dear Erin,

Happy Birthday, sweet friend. Woohoo. Praying for you, the family, and Baby Jake! We miss you!! Check your mail!!

Dustin and Jamie Butts

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Taking a quick break from thank-you cards... If I owe YOU one, know that I haven't forgotten about you. :)

Well, just wanted to give a brief update and also a prayer request. Pray for the Gerlt family as they await the arrival of Baby Jake. He should be here before too long. Things like this are the hard part of being this far. We wish we could be there. Please pray for Erin and the baby's health and for the next few days/weeks of waiting.

Also, Dustin starts his other job this week teaching at a local Christian school. We have been hitting our lesson plans hard this week! We spent a good chunk of yesterday at a coffee shop working on lessons. If you think about it, pray for us as we adjust to a new addition to our already-packed schedules. I know he'll do great!

Encouraged by the message we heard this morning at a church we've been visiting. Encouraged is an altogether appropriate term, too, as we learned more about Barnabus, the great encourager. It was really challenging. Barnabus didn't write people off, giving up on them, but he actively pursued ways to build up the faith of others. May we follow this example.

No pictures to post just yet... check out fun pictures of the Cozart wedding here and pictures of a really cute dog here. Save your dinner here.

5th grade continues to keep me on my toes. Really thankful for this job.

Just for safety, if you want my new e-mail address, write me for it at my old one and I'll get it your way.

Oh, Joey Moore, my youngest sister, starts school at Master's College in California this week. Be praying for her. She's loving it so far! Who thinks Joey needs to start a Blog? :P I do, I do.

Grace and peace.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chapel Day

Well, yesterday was chapel day.
For our Southern students, it was a glorious time of wonderful music, solid preaching, and good fellowship. Mohler did the convocation message and it was an introduction to many great chapels this semester. Kari said it was great and Dustin is excited about Mohler teaching through the 10 commandments when he preaches!

Meanwhile, here at Christian Academy,
Hmm. How can I say this nicely?
Let's just say that the chapel services here could use some help.
Do you remember the CARTOON SONG? I always hated it. And now, I have joined ranks with a school that will trumpet this horrid song most every Tuesday. It is part of "praise and worship" here and they play clips of each cartoon on the overhead. If you're not familiar with the song, good for you! Maybe some of you feel my pain. It's just a weird song. Yes, it's fun for the kids, but it's pointless, AND they get all riled up! Good way to get them calmed down for the message. Message? Actually, they don't crack a Bible and had their newest 5th grade teacher come up on stage for a demonstration that involved whipped cream. Need I say more?

Oh well. At least it's only 30 minutes a week!

Friday, August 18, 2006


I decided to try out a new look. Those of you who get tired of checking and finding no new posts, you can have something new waiting for you when you finally decide to stop by and see if life has slowed down a bit. It hasn't, BUT it's wonderful. The Lord has been so gracious. Dustin's at work and I am unwinding a bit after my first official week on the new job. Honestly, I am just thrilled out of my mind (think I picked up that phrase from you, dear Erin). Not so much in our circumstances, but it's just so encouraging to be at a different place than I was a year ago, and I don't mean geographically. New job (more on that in a second), new marriage, fresh perspective.

Well, instead of rambling on and sharing on this thing like it's a journal (my usual habit), I will try to just keep you informed and catch you up to date.

July 22 - I became Mrs. Jamie Butts, bride of the sweet and wonderful Dustin Butts (whose blog is far better than my own, check it out here). Our wedding day was such a wonderful day! It was incredible to see so many family and friends and really think on what the Bible says about marriage and what an amazing design that God has for this sacred and sanctifying covenant. Pictures are in the mail, so we may get one or two posted soon.

July 22-August 1 - Honeymoon, aka "the week the cell phones and alarm clocks were silent" - it was great to relax after such a crazy summer! No wedding planning, seminary, schedules! Man, everyone should get married and take a honeymoon/vacation. :)

August 1 - hung out with the Butts' clan (my new fam! I'm Aunt Jamie, by the way! How cool)

August 2 - hung out the Moore's, opened tons of wedding gift in assembly-line fashion, packed up the moving truck

August 3 - We were off! We headed to Memphis, spent the night, and then trucked it to KY on the 4th.

Friends helped us unload and we had it all unloaded in just a little over an hour. Our small apartment was filled with boxes, but we got the bed set up and spent the next week making it into a home! We love it! Hope to send pictures soon.

August 8 - I started new teacher orientation at Christian Academy of Louisville and spent the following week in meetings or working on the classroom. Dustin started working some around the same time.

He started classes this past Monday and my kiddos arrived this past Wednesday. It feels great to finally be settling into a routine. It is so nice to feel a sense of normalcy. It struck me on the way to work one morning when I was sipping on a travel coffee mug and the sun was still coming up and Dustin and I had enjoyed a breakfast together.

There is still some transition... some of our walls are bare, I STILL have to get my mail forwarded, new social, learning my way around, praying about church, etc. However, it is good to be here. I am so thankful for my new job. I have never been so excited about teaching. I'd explain, but this would go on forever. The Lord is so good though and I am so thankful to have this opportunity to be here with Dustin.

I'm not sure how much I will/desire to/can keep up posting, but I'll try to at least keep you up to date fairly often and send a picture or two.

Although I love my new job, I am excited that it is the weekend. Time to catch up a little, on a plethora of random to-do's and to-don'ts (slowing down a little from the pace of the week).

Pray for Dustin and other young men as they study and prepare for ministry as the Lord guides their steps. I will tell you more about them one day, Lord willing. Mr. Stone, how is your teaching job going? Let us know.

Mindy, do continue your blog. I enjoy it thoroughly.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Hi friends. How are ya?

We're here. We've settled in and unpacked (thanks to kind friends here who helped tremendously). The apartment is definitely starting to feel like home. Loving it! Dustin's amazing and has helped with so many things to set up our home. Be praying for me as I get started at my new job. I'm the only teacher will bare walls and I still don't know what I'm teaching when the kids come next week. It'll come together though. It's a great school and I'm thankful for the opportunity but pray for rest and discipline to work hard this week, whenever I'm not in meetings. Really pray for time management. It's been pretty crazy ever since the honeymoon. Dustin's getting ready to start classes on Monday and posted yesterday on his blog. Check it for a fun picture! :)

Don't have tons to say just yet, but thought I'd say hello.
Going to sleep at 9:30. Score.