Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dinner Table Conversation

Apparently, there was a little Kindergartener, we'll call her L, at my school who came to her teacher yesterday almost in tears. The teacher asked L what on earth was wrong. L explained, through the sobs, that everyone at this school is being mean to one of the teachers. The teacher wisely asked L to explain what was going on. L said that everyone was calling a 5th grade teacher a VERY bad name. She said that EVERYONE kept calling the teacher Mrs. Butts. Just then, a little boy (let's say T) interrupted and knowingly announced to his teacher that he tried to explain to L that it was just the teacher's name. Smiling, the teacher tried to hold back her laughter, and confirmed to the girl that we have a teacher at our school whose name is Mrs. Butts. She explained that it's just her name, like Smith or Walker. The other kids weren't being mean, but just calling her by her name. This teacher nearly ran me over to find me to tell me the story yesterday. It was pretty funny.
And then today, at carpool girl, this wide-eyed, awkward little girl came up to me with her princess backpack on and said slowly, "Hi, Mrs. Butts" and I knew my name was probably the topic of many dinner tables in Louisville last night.

My 5th graders loved this story. They haven't said one word about my name all year and so I didn't mention it. Granted, their wise parents probably threatened them. However, I think it was fun for them to see that even I got a kick out of the name from time to time. But, don't you start laughing. It's just a NAME, like Smith or Walker.


Kari Plevan said...

That's awesome Jamie! I guess I'll just call you Jamie :) Or Mrs. B.

Hey, every name has some sort of curse. I realized today that I really like the name Evan, but I really don't want to name my kid Evan Plevan.

Hey, BUT the Lord is still sovereign! :)

gerlthouse said...

Love that story. How sweet for that little girl to be so concerned. What a sweetie!

Laura said...

funny jamie.

hey kari---didn't people use to transpose your name...harry cow?? =)

you laugh at it--so i hope you don't mind that i just said that---good thing you got married and it's no longer a problem. ;)

mindy said...

i am so glad to hear that they are not calling you bad names because they do not like you because i know that that is a very unlikely thing to happen. love ya girlie! steve told me that he got your email and that y'all are doing great.

Jay Scott said...

that's a good story, i'm impressed that the little girl would be so caring. tell D whatup

Mom Butts said...

Love the story! Yes, it does raise a few eyebrows now and then, and I even had a student who called me Mrs. Cigar all year, because she wasn't allowed to say "that word"! Just be glad your first initial is J.
Love you so much! C.Butts

Phillip M. Way said...

"even I got a kick out of the name from time to time. But, don't you start laughing. It's just a NAME, like Smith or Walker"

Yeah - it is just a name. But kicking a Smith or kicking a Walker is not the same as kicking some Butts!!


Thanks for the smile!


Kelli Bragdon said...

What a sweet little girl!! I want her to babysit my kids in a few years!! I hope her mom knows what a compassionate daughter she has.

I sure wish I could think of something witty to say but I'll just have to be content with the hearty laugh I got at your story! thanks for sharing!