Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Hi friends. How are ya?

We're here. We've settled in and unpacked (thanks to kind friends here who helped tremendously). The apartment is definitely starting to feel like home. Loving it! Dustin's amazing and has helped with so many things to set up our home. Be praying for me as I get started at my new job. I'm the only teacher will bare walls and I still don't know what I'm teaching when the kids come next week. It'll come together though. It's a great school and I'm thankful for the opportunity but pray for rest and discipline to work hard this week, whenever I'm not in meetings. Really pray for time management. It's been pretty crazy ever since the honeymoon. Dustin's getting ready to start classes on Monday and posted yesterday on his blog. Check it for a fun picture! :)

Don't have tons to say just yet, but thought I'd say hello.
Going to sleep at 9:30. Score.


Yu said...

I am glad you got there safely. I miss you lots! I am praying for you and Dustin! Love, Yu

sarahdodson said...

Jamie, you're now married and living with the man that you so love. Isn't marriage just wonderful!? I'm so thankful the Lord brought you two together. Will be praying that your new job goes well. :)
ps. I really like that photo of y'all- how cool

Mary said...


So glad you are back on line and all settled in to your new home and new life as Mrs. Dustin Butts.
May the Lord bless you both as you start your school year. I will be praying for you.


P.S. Send me your new address.

Abbey said...

Thank you so much for the magazines!!! I didn't have any of those yet!! Thanks so much! I would love to see pics of your wedding:) Hope you'll post some soon:) Thanks again:)


Cole said...

Enjoying married life I hope! :-D

Could you send me your new addy?

Love you!

Anonymous said...

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