Thursday, July 20, 2006

One last post

1. I forgot to tell you and some people (Jamie White and others) have been asking... I got a job! I am a 5th grade teacher at the Christian Academy of Louisville! Yea for Kari Plevon and Alicia finding new KY jobs too!

2. I love Dustin Butts and we're getting married in 2 days.

3. Headed to Gatesville... A trip to Nana's (one of my favorite places) and marrying dear Dustin - what a weekend!

As we camp people would say (No, Dustin, we are NOT a cult)... OOWWEE!


Eron said...

Who is Kari PlevOn? I know a Kari PlevAn, but not PlevOn.



Bets' said...


slade said...

Do I need to wear black Nike tennis shoes and a robe to your wedding so that I can fit in with the Buckner crowd? And will we have to drink the Kool Aid?

/cult reference

Laura said...

hey jamie BUTTS! your married...and you made it to kentucky!! look...i'm the first to congratulate you via blogworld!! i love you so much. praying you get settled. i love you both! call when you can. 11 more days!!

sarahdodson said...

Jamie, welcome back! It was a pleasure attending your wedding; glad we could make it:) Looking forward to hear how you're enjoying marriage!

Anonymous said...

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