Monday, July 10, 2006

Checking in...

Hello, blog friends!!

My apologies for having a quiet Blog. Quiet blogs are no fun. :) So, I thought I owed you a quick update. I don't have much to say or much time to say it, but I'll just try to summarize. The summer has absolutlely flown by! However, everything is coming together and the Lord has been gracious. There has been NO routine, which I am craving, but I can't complain. We've had 6 pre-marital counseling sessions with Pastor Steve, each lasting about 3 hours. This has probably been, in my opinion, the highlight of the summer. After all, if all we do is register and order flowers, then we aren't really ready for marriage. This weekly visit has proven to be extremely beneficial, provoking conversation, healthy view of the weightiness of marriage, perspective, highlighting our personal strengths and weaknesses as a couple and individually, and our desperate need for grace as we endeavor to enter such a sacred and sanctifying union. I have a whole new respect for those who seem to have a joyful, satisfying marriage, for I now know this didn't come by chance, but grace... and diligent prayer, hard work, loving patience, communication, effort, etc.

Furthermore, we've been assigned some reading material. The list includes: The Excellent Wife (Martha Peace) and The Exemplary Husband (Stuart Scott) along with Strengthening Your Marriage (Wayne Mack), The Act of Marriage (LaHayes') and Intended for Pleasure (Wheat) and more books (on money and child-raising that we may not get to until after we wed!). I guess the idea is that you read and study up for jobs, medical issues, you prepare for vacations, purchasing a home, etc. Why not study for something that is extremely important... marriage!
To be honest though, with our time crunch, study has been difficult! We are not only marrying, but moving, so trying to juggle time with family, friends, working out some, involvement at church, wedding planning (eek), packing, reading, SLEEPING?, and just getting to know each other has been tricky. We appreciate your prayers and encouragement!
It's been good though. 2 showers last weekend reminded me of the Lord's kindness to provide such neat friends and family! Fun to get gifts for our new little home in KY too!
The reality is sinking in... just 12 more days to go! We can't wait to see you there and if you can't make it, to see you again one day!

Today's agenda - thank-you cards, READING, Boba tea (we're slightly obssessed) and we may be going on a REAL date soon and very soon! Six Flags is also in the works. After all, we do live right down the road, we do have season passes and we've only been twice. We love roller coasters. Yea!

We love you all! Sorry to have so many me-focused Blog entries, but I've had requests for updates. I'll try to post something more thoughtful one of these days...

Keep us in your prayers (and Laura and Slade as they prepare)



gerlthouse said...

Good to have an update...even though we're right down the road. You are continually in our prayers as The Day approaches. What a fun time in life. Love you-

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Thanks, Erin!
Just wrote you an e-mail! I miss you, "even though we're right down the road."
Thanks for praying!
Jamie Moore-Gerlt-ButtS!

Jamie said...

Praying much for you and D. Sorry I missed the shower. Please let me know if I can do anything to ease some craziness. God is so good. I hear those are all excellent books. How did the interview go? I love you much, Jamie

Rebekah said...

Hey girl! Glad to hear you could surface long enough to blog! I've missed seeing you online! :)

I'm so glad that the counseling and the books have been a great help. You are priviledged to start your marriage out with good counsel and a Christ-centered perspective! How the Lord has blessed you!

With all your reading, if it's not on your list already, I would HIGHLY recommend any of Dave Ramsey's books on finances. He has a very biblically based outlook and has put together an easy to understand, step by step process for becoming debt free and financially stable. My dad bought his book for all of us this past Christmas! Steven and I have started to implement some of his ideas and we can already see a difference.

The Lord bless you, dear friend! I hope to see you on the BIG DAY!!!

Michael Stone said...

How does Stuart Scott have time to write a marriage book when I keep seeing him all over ESPN and ABC? Is it just filled with obnoxious ghetto-references and "boo-yah's"?

Cole said...

Hey Girl,
Good to hear from you! I'm sry I wasnt able to make it to coleman to your shower! I soooooooo wanted to but it just didnt work out. :-(
I am praying for you and all your juggling right now! My sister just got married almost 2 weeks ago and one thing I can tell you to be prepared is to relax and have a good time! Nothing to worry and stress about when the Lord is your center!
Love you and miss you.