Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Sampling

Aaron Menikoff, our dear friend and the pastor of our church here in Atlanta, has a very helpful blog.  It's called Free to Serve, it can be found here, and I've personally been thankful for this resource and the last 5 posts specifically.  The topics covered in those posts have been evangelism, joy, family worship, leaving and joining a church and what is an accountability partner.  You should check out these posts to encourage, challenge and equip you in these areas.  Of course, his blog has addressed many other topics over time, so enjoy the archives as well!  I'm thankful for godly ministers like Aaron who strive to equip and strengthen God's people for living Christ-centered, Gospel-driven lives for His glory.  Be encouraged!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Double-Think, by Nancy Wilson

Once upon a time, I used to check dozens of blogs a day.  I probably should have done something more productive with all of the time I took to do that.  Now, I only check a few, not necessarily because I've become more productive, but because I now have less time.  :)  Well, and the fact that people don't blog as much anymore, I suppose.

But, this one keeps me coming back lately.

And, something about the articles makes me not just think about them, but really chew on them.  I'm often very challenged by something said.

Here's an example of an article that has been very helpful to me, even this morning...

"Double-think is when we get into a tailspin over-analyzing our motives and worrying over our possible sins or those we might commit or whether we did commit or not. Did I apologize thoroughly enough? Do I need to apologize for that? Or not?"
Read more here.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Yard Sale Search

This is a really cool website if you are into yard sales!!  Or maybe I'm just behind the times, and everyone already knows about this.

Happy Birthday, Timmy!!

We celebrated Timmy's first year of life yesterday! I'm pretty sure this was the busiest, fullest year of my life, caring for my two tinies, but one of the sweetest as well. Dustin took off work yesterday, and we had a fun family day, complete with our tradition of a breakfast birthday balloon, monkey cupcakes and presents, a day at the zoo, Daddy giving Timmy another haircut, and an Ikea run. (Needless to say, we slept in today!)

Timmy is a very special little boy, with a smile as big as Texas, and a personality that's growing by the minute. We're so thankful for our happy, determined little Timmers. We pray that God would graciously grow him into a man whose name really fits, as Timothy means God-fearer! We love you sooooo much!

Brand new Timmy (with big feet for a newborn!)
I love it that big boy's holding up his finger in his 1st birthday picture! That picture was quite a happy coincidence, but as the day went on, we did teach him to hold up one finger when we asked him to.