Friday, July 22, 2011

Fellowship So Deep

Speaking of memories and seasons and such as today marks 5 year of marriage, we are also closing out (more on that later!) a BIG season of life here in Louisville and headed to Georgia.

We're thankful for several things over these years, but Third Avenue Baptist Church probably tops the list. More thoughts or pictures one day, but our hearts are full! With deep gratitude - for the Gospel, for our church family there, for growth, for hope, trials, for joy, for worship, memories, so on and so on. For... fellowship so deep, and this song reminds me...
I'm thankful for this season. I'm looking forward to the next.

5 Years!

Five sweet, full, sanctifying, wonderful years ago, I married my Dustin!

Today, we're celebrating in nasty work clothes, crunchy-ice cokes and chocolate, painting and packing (ha, we'll celebrate later), but we are thankful!

Marriage has been another of God's tools to teach us more about His kindness to us in pursuing us and rescuing us with His grace!!

I love my sweet man! Thankful for him!!