Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Sampling

Aaron Menikoff, our dear friend and the pastor of our church here in Atlanta, has a very helpful blog.  It's called Free to Serve, it can be found here, and I've personally been thankful for this resource and the last 5 posts specifically.  The topics covered in those posts have been evangelism, joy, family worship, leaving and joining a church and what is an accountability partner.  You should check out these posts to encourage, challenge and equip you in these areas.  Of course, his blog has addressed many other topics over time, so enjoy the archives as well!  I'm thankful for godly ministers like Aaron who strive to equip and strengthen God's people for living Christ-centered, Gospel-driven lives for His glory.  Be encouraged!

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Meg said...


Just read those parents posts. Good stuff. Miss you sister