Monday, June 11, 2007

What's Up

I thought I would blog a little more this summer, but I find I don't have too much to share. Guess this will be another "update" post to catch up familia and amigos.

Dustin's done with his summer J-term. He took Philosophy last week. He's picking up a lot of shifts at the campus info. booth. We're enjoying much more time together, but trying hard to pinch pennies. Funny how when you are working LESS, there is more temptation to spend MORE. Last night, we watched the Spurs game with some good friends of ours from church. Well... the guys did. We gals talked a lot about menu planning and Baby Wise. I didn't have tons to contribute, but it was sooo fun. I love hearing moms talk about all of their fun ideas and how they take care of their kiddos.

Speaking of... In Texas, I had tons of wedding showers to attend. Now, it's baby season. I went to a great baby shower/yummy brunch on Saturday for one of our new friends from church, another sweet Laura. Laura's on the left below (in the blue) and my good friend Deana's on the right. I decided I need to start taking more pictures of my people in Louisville, or I'll have nothing but my mind's eye to remember this season by...

That picture is of some other fun gals from the shower/brunch. Unfortunately, I didn't take any group pictures of everyone.

I love baby/wedding showers where you hear devotions. At this one, 3 of our elder's wives gave little devotions on raising children during infancy, toddler years and childhood. They all brought out so many great points. Deana presented the talk on infants. I especially loved thinking about how God isn't ONLY concerned about the child growing in truth, but the sanctification of the parents as well. Of course, I was also struck with the wonderful privilege and humbling responsibility is the high calling of setting a 24/7 example for your child. The pointed it all back to the Gospel though and how parents are dependent upon the grace and stregth of the Lord. Many wonderful verses were discussed.

Um... Dustin and I are starting to run together on M/W/F. He's a great running buddy. It's soooo much better than running by myself. I'm excited to have some extra motivation now.

If you know me, you know I'm not a big shopper. But, I'd been saving a mall gift card for the summer and there were things I needed for the warmer weather, so it was time. My friend from church, Lindsey (not pictured), LOVES shopping. I was soooo happy that she volunteered to go with me this morning and help out. She's a savvy shopper and bargain hunter. We had a lot of fun, and it was a successful outing. :)

I'm plugging through my new book about people pleasing. It's convicting. More on this soon.

Tutoring begins tomorrow. Every Tuesday and Thursday, depending on schedules, I'll be tutoring from 1-4 kids (1 hours each) at school. Any breaks between tutoring sessions will be used to work on files, organizing... anything to make next year room more smoothly. Strangely, after the week at home, I'm actually ready to get up there and work on things a little.

We enjoyed some time with the Bebees when they came in town for a bit. It will be wonderful to have them close. AND, Chris and his lovely bride will be here really soon, too. We want to have a Peek party at our house soon. Should be fun.

That's about it. It's nice to have a little more time at home and getting to know people. We look forward to our TX trip soon and our anniversary next month. Tata, and if you read this far, bravo. I am totally out of blog-worthy material. Until next time...


Laura said...

great update jamie. it was SOOOOOOO good to finally get to talk to you the other day. can't wait to see the july schedule and set a reunion for us!! love you!

Mary Mc said...

Jamie, it's so funny...even though I live in Louisville with you and see you on a regular basis, your "update" posts are some of my favorites! I love you, sister!

Sarah said...

YEAH!! For running, baby showers, tutoring...the whole update! Love you friend, and can't wait to be Louisville so soon! I'm trying to get on a schedule of running M/W/F as well...and PS...we need to jump on 1 Peter again soon! Talk soon!

Kristy said...

Great update Jamie! I miss you and love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarahdodson said...

Jamie, that was a great update. I'm always encouraged to see how your love for the Lord shines so brightly in your life. "for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." It's evident to see what you treasure in life, b/c that's what's on your heart. Hope that made sense; it did to me.

Good job on running with your sweetie. It's nice having a running partner, isn't it?? :)

A post on my blog is coming soon... I'm waiting for my mom to send me the race pictures. Don't give up on me! :)

Hope you have a good/profitable summer!