Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some People That Encourage Me Today

(This is definitely a short list, but there are some people on my heart lately.)
Sylas and Shea - who serve the youth in ElDorado tirelessly, with a great love for the cause of Christ

Kevin and Becky - who have put their whole life in a few suitcases and moved across the globe to share the Gospel

My Erin Gerlt - who has taken on 5 extra kids to homeschool because their mom died

Laura Cozart - who is such a faithful friend, prayer warrior and wonderful new mother... and I get to see her tonight!

Ladies at 3ABC - countless ladies/mothers at church who have had trials ranging from miscarriage to infertility to deaths in their family and the faith that they hold firmly... I know my emotions and sin struggles, and I pray for grace to endure trials in such a precious way that points to Jesus

Dustin - who loves, encourages and serves me so well during this insanely busy season we call seminary, who greets me each morning with a bear hug and ends the day the same way, who prays for me and the list goes on

Jesus - because He has forgiven all of my sin and given me such joy in being His, knowing Him and striving to make Him known... what a Pearl of Great Price

"You created nothing that gives me more pleasure than You..." - Caedmon's Call


Laura said...

you are too sweet jamie. the list of people that you encourage includes everyone on this list...and many many more!! i love you!! slumber party time!

Erin said...

Thanks, friend. Love you.