Thursday, December 07, 2006


I just realized I'd better upload some pics of Monday's breakfast so I can include them in tomorrow's class newsletter. Facebook seems like a good thing for sharing pictures, even if you aren't a member, friend, or whatever facebookers are called. Jay, you're the one that gave me this idea. Props. Erin, I still want to get Picassa, too. Good grief.. I don't care what I get, I just need to get our pictures organized. =)

Here are my only albums:

Fantastic 5A and Theology Breakfast Pictures

Joey's Trip to Kentucky/Thanksgiving Week


Jay Scott said...

that's what i do

Laura said...

hey. i tried calling you back. when is school over for you? maybe we can finally catch one another. love you.

gerlthouse said...

I'm alive. Are you? Miss you.