Friday, December 01, 2006

We Can Hardly Wait!

5A is so pumped up about Monday's Theology breakfast with the guys. My kiddos had a few more questions, so I wanted to paste them here. Also, anonymous from the last entry concering the breakfast, I will try to jot some notes on their answers ... we MAY have a video camera, which would help. We'll see... We'll definitely let you know how it goes. They are really desiring to learn more.

If the devil wanted to, could he ever do something good? - Lydia
Why did Jesus tell his disciples not to tell anyone he was the Messiah? - Jake
When Jesus would heal someone, why would he say not to tell anyone, when he wanted people to spread the Word? - Gabby
If in the Mount of Olives before the Crucifixion, it says all the Disciples were asleep. But then who wrote the part about Jesus praying?!?! My dad used to study the Bible, like you guys, and he didn’t even know… Help! - Adam


Laura said...

wow jamie. that's awesome. i think we often under estimate what those little ones know and can learn. can't wait to hear how it goes. love you!

Phillip M. Way said...

I am praying for your panelof answerers. My only counsel to them is stick with Scripture (do not speculate, stick to chapter and verse - you might suggest they have a concordance with them!) and always always always take it to the cross and to Christ! Every question is an opportunity to present the gospel - while at the same time answering some very challenging and thoughtful questions.


Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Laura Friend,
You are right. These kiddos are really amazing, partly because I have a group with families who really spend time with them and love on them. But yes... the Lord sure has taught me by THEIR eagerness to know more about Him! I learn more from them each day than they do from me! The guys are SUPER excited about it, too. Be praying for them. I owe you a phone call. I had 20 sets of papers to grade this weekend... almost caught up. Will call!!

Pastor Phillip,

THANK YOU for your prayers and encoruagement to fly to the cross. Want to fly up for the Spring Theology Breakfast? It's already in the works. :) Ryan Bebee - you're invited, too. :)
We miss you!

gerlthouse said...'d it go? We're dying here.

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...


Thanks for asking, praying and wanting to know! Specifics will have to be on pause, but it went so well. The guys did GREAT and they did "always take it to the cross and Christ" and did great at getting on a 5th grade level. We learned a lot. I have pics and some of their answers to share SOON!


Sarah Bebee said...

Can't wait to hear more about the breakfast James! And if it works out that the Spring forum is during our springbreak, count us in...:o)! Miss you and love you! We are looking at the 5-9th to visit. Will you guys be able to hang out some then?