Friday, May 18, 2007

Quotes for your day

A quick break one day this week led to the discovery of this blog (a link on McCulley's Solo Femininity site).

Be challenged, encouraged, and check out that blog.

"The seed of immorality is a discontented heart." - Purple Cellar

Even though we limp and stumble as we walk with him, and we will always walk with at least a limp down here, it is this future of partnership with Jesus Christ that keeps us sane and gives us hope when discipleship goes wrong. Being united with the one who has lived with God aright for us, who has carried all our sins and infirmities for us by his death, who has given us eternal life in his resurrection, is the only basis for enduring. Jesus himself is our hope; not his gifts nor his blessings, and certainly not our successes, but he himself. Our whole discipleship, our "humanity with God," is summed up in that one name, Jesus.
To the glory of God, which is where the glory belongs.

When We Get It Wrong by Dominic Smart ( - also found at Purple Cellar

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