Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Today was another well-deserved Marble Jar Party in 5A! Last one of the year, unless the kids start walking on water or something...
We decided to watch a movie (I grade!), bring in snacks and pillows... typical, typical. However, we decided to jazz it up a little. After the movie, we got our room back in order and had a PLAY DOH contest! We did a singles round and a partner round. We had Elvis, bird nest/eggs/baby birds (in honor of the previously mentioned neighbors of ours), spaghetti, some fancy gun for hunting, a park, a dead dog (kind of vulgar, huh) and many, many more!
The Elvis and Bird exhibits tied for first.

I was shocked at how the 5th graders got so in to it... and they were so quiet. The timer was ticking and they were working. Wish I had pictures. It was fun.

Happy Mother's Day and Graduation Weekend for some and Date Night and Happy Friday, which in and of itself is usually a wonderful thing. We are going on a picnic with a family from church tomorrow, so we're looking forward to that.
And yes, Mrs. Dodson, I hope to put on some running shoes at some point this weekend. :)
Great post at Kari's site. Check it out! I appreciated your thoughts on change and laughing at the days to come, Kari. I hope it encourages many graduates as well! Thanks!
Happy Friday!

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Kevin & Becky Peek said...

To the best Blog-comment-leaver of all time: Jamie Butts! Way to encourage a struggling Blogger to overcome her negligence. You're the best! And I'll do my best to be there when you cross the finish line of your 5k!