Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Just some stuff, mostly of the "update" persuasion:

Go here and scroll down to God, Where Shall I Flee From You? This sermon was preached by one of our elders (Greg Gilbert) a few weeks back and it was especially encouraging to me. I hope you have some time to listen to it. What a blessing! This is the main reason I'm posting today, so I hope that at least one of you goes and listens to it. UPDATE: Oops! This sermon is incomplete. Well, listen to 10 minuts of it and then pick out a different one to listen to. Sorry about that. Thank for the heads up, Rich.
The other sermons are terrific as well.

Dustin and I have been watching Kevin and Becky's guest room window lately out of our office window. They're corner neighbors with us. :) Well, they have some special guests. We spied a beautiful mother bird who has made an incredible nest. When she flies away for food, we can see the 3 bright blue eggs just waiting for God's time for them to hatch! Dustin and I check on them often. I can't wait to see the baby birds. I finally called Kevin and Becky to let them know about their little visitors. We're all waiting patiently! I'll try to get some pics up soon. It's really neat.

It's the 3rd day of testing here in 5A! I've been grading, grading, grading in between monitoring and eating leftover candy I bought for the kids, of course. There's only about 16 school days left! Wow!

A big congrats to graduates I know: Charity Clayton, Laura Cozart, Amanda Stephens, Jenn Dower, Kathlyn Fowler, Travis Mitchell, Bethany Howe, Mara Garza... Did I forget anyone?

Dustin and I are trying to use the envelope system. It can be kind of fun actually. We are trying to spend under $15 on date nights. From splitting meals to eating at home and just having dessert out, it can be done. Well, that and we're pretty content with places like Taco Bell. Last date night, we ate at a gumbo joint, enjoyed cokes (broke our rules!), and went to Kroger for cheap candy bars all for under 15. :) Oh, and I came home earlier that night to a clean house and flowers. It had been a crazy week at school. Dustin's so thoughtful. Made my day. Anyway, that's the update on the attempt at being a little more frugal.

Something Booked is well under way. I'm in the middle of George Muller's autobiography and we've both made summer reading plans. We'll see...

I'm still running with Sarah Dodson and Grace. Much easier plan this week they call "rest week". I'll take it. Attempting to run outside now. It's hot, but it's so nice not to have to run a million laps in the indoor track.

Dustin's almost done with the semester. Woohoo!

Welcome to the world, Brandon Walker (pictured below) and Elizabeth Wheeler (from church).

May 26th is the 5A Milk and Cookies party at our place. We're having the kids over in "shifts" so it doesn't get too crowded. Mindy will also make a special guest appearance since she's in town that weekend. Should be a blast. Or interesting anyway. :) Hopefully our neighbors won't kill us.

Headed to TX late June/early July for a 2 week trip. We're looking forward to it.

Talk about random...


Rich said...

The problem is that the sermon you referred to is incomplete. We only got about 10 minutes of it. That's my bad, sorry about that.

sarahdodson said...

Oh, what a fun post. I enjoyed reading the updates. I was watching a documentary on Rachel Ray tonight and thought you look a lot like her (in her younger days, that is). I can't believe she's like 39 or something. Crazy.

I like the envelope idea AND I like date night. We need to have one soon. Hopefully for my hubby's birthday coming up. :)

You're coming to TX? Does that mean we're going to be in a race together?? I know you'll be VERY busy seeing all your friends/family, but wouldn't it be cool?

I'm so happy for you that school's almost over. yay!! Sounds like you have a sweet husband- glad he picked you:)

'til next time!