Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Anyone else like the movie Ratatouille?
We really enjoyed it!

Now, I'm curious what the dish made popular by the movie tastes like?
I'm hoping to find out soon. It's a peasant dish, right, so maybe it will fit within the tight seminary budget. :)
Go here to find the recipe. Makes me kind of wish I already had a houseful of older kids who were in love with the movie to come over and make it with me. How fun would that be!


Travis Mitchell said...

Great movie, indeed. One of my favorites recently -- except Bourne, of course.

Wedding T minus 10 days...


Will you have a few minutes this week to chat?

Much love,


leslie b said...

yeah, it was cheap when peasants grew gardens... now all those veggie's are not so cheap! but tell me if you like the recipe you have, I have a couple too, but david would never eat that many veggies in one sitting so there's no reaosn for me to spare the dimes!

Christopher & Sarah Peek said...

If you haven't already made the ratatoullie (sp?), we ought to have another Peek party and catch up. All of our fam loves veggies and it would be so fun. We love the film as well! Sarah

Abbey said...

Hi Jamie. I was just browsing some blogs and came across yours. We were actually taught to make Ratatouille in culinary school! It is one of my favorites. I now add diced chicken, a little tomato sauce and serve it over bow tie pasta. Yum! Hope all is well with you. :)