Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Okay, I realize this is post #3. I'm not getting addicted, but give me a break. It's starting to pour down snow! I hurried home from my Monday grocery run, Dustin is in class most of the evening except for a quick dinner, and I am determined not to go anywhere. I thought about doing laundry today, but the one house task that is hardest for me to do is laundry when it snows. When it snows, you feel so weird, bundling up with your "recess coat" and trying to hold all of your stuff and slosh down the stairs, up the hill and to the basement of the nearby missionary house where our apartment complex does laundry. Usually when it is snowing, they are all full, because others are trying to get done before even bigger snow storms, so you have to slosh back with nothing to show for it. This time, I decided we can wait. It's just now worth the hassle. =)

Brr!! It's currently 21 degrees here and it feels like 12. Everyone at school is hoping for a snow day, but I have learned NOT to get my hopes up, because our school never closes. Hence, I remain the school's eternal pessimist (realist, I say) when it comes to wishing for school delays or closings. We haven't had one since I've been here. We'll see...

Since I have a free night ahead of me and I'm already in my jammies and warm socks and ready for MORE cocoa (yea for an evening of reading, grading and catching up on phone calls), I will go ahead and post some pictures I took today.

**Check out the picture on the last post, too!
(The door mat picture was taken right when I got home. NOW, just 30 minutes later, my car is already completely covered in snow.)

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