Thursday, February 21, 2008


Although many moons have passed since our college graduations, our lives are still revolving around the academic calender. For Dustin, it is the semester schedule, and for me, life revolves around 4 intense quarters and a glorious summer. There seems to always be that point in the semester where things get busy, and I feel overwhelmed. I remember this time last year... the 3rd quarter... Dustin's getting into the thick of his semester. It's cold outside. I'm not winning my "night fights" and thus "morning fights" are harder. Starting to run late to school. Impersonal and posted-for-all-to-see blogs are not necessarily the place to dump out emotions or sin, in my opinion, so I'll hurry to my point. :)

Long story short though... several things have greatly encouraged me. My husband, my small women's group at church and dear friends have provided a place where confession of sin and honesty about struggles can create authentic fellowship resulting in genuine encouragement in the Gospel. Gospel Hope.
Speaking of... I'd like to point you to a resource about feeling overwhelmed. Maybe it will be of some help to you. I plan on printing it and keeping it on my desk at work.

Here is an excerpt from this resource:
Feeling overwhelmed is often a sign that we’re
trying in our own strength to do what He’s called us to do. We will never succeed with mere
physical and mental stamina. We desperately need His grace and the power of the Holy
Spirit. He has made us to need Him. If appropriate, repent of pride and declare your complete
dependence on Jesus. Tell yourself the gospel in detail.

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