Thursday, September 07, 2006

Some are serious, most are not.

A list for your evening...

1. The Bebees have a blog.
2. The Dawsons have a blog.
3. Laura Cozart has a new husband and a new blog.
3. Nothing is so sanctifying, and I'm only half-joking, as being stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours when you wanted to be at your husband's basketball game AND you're almost out of gas.
4. My Student of the Week brought a gecko and I stinkin' fell in love. I want a gecko. :) Dustin says no... but I may get one for my classroom. What do you think? I could put different kids in charge of taking care of him, buying his crickets, etc.
5. Well, wow. I guees I should get out more. I'm sitting here staring at the screen, Dustin's at work, and I was attempting to get a good post in. I have serious thoughts, but they would take a long time to write out. I have silly thoughts, because 5th grade teachers get weird by Thursday evenings. I don't have any new pictures, so go look at Baby Jake again. He's cute.
6. Love to all. Check out the new blogs.
7. Okay, I changed my mind. One serious thought to leave you with... I was really hit this morning with the fact that I am a dependent disciple and this thought should prevail over my thinking and actions and.. well, it would be a long post. Maybe soon.


Laura said...

jamie. sad you missed d's game. how's that going? are they wrecking shop? i love you

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Thanks for stopping by, Laura Jane Cozart. Love your new blog. I was really sad to miss Dustin's game. There was an overturned truck somewhere (and I was convicted that I was more worried about missing the game than the people in the accident) and it took literally one hour to get one mile at one point. Oh well. Sanctifying indeed. The guys are doing great. Only played one game. Lost, but did well, I hear. Come visit and watch a game with me. :) I miss you!!
Happy Friday!

gerlthouse said...

A gecko, Jamie? Don't be a traitor. You know those are my least favorite creatures on the planet. I'd rather you get a roach.

But, alas. I live in Texas and you in KY. I'll probably never get to see him. Sigh. Go buy a gecko.

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Erin friend! Guess I missed that? Or forgot? How much you hated geckos. Well, maybe I would too if it was my PET. You have to feed them crickets, too. Gross.
But this one was sure fun... MISS YOU!!

sarahdodson said...

How fun a gecko would be:) I guess. Ever thought about a pet rat? Some like those. I can't imagine. Sorry about the game. Hope you have a good Lord's day!