Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Nap Earlier+Caffeine+Dustin's At Work=Sleepless in Louisville

So... One more picture. Caption Contest #2. Have fun. Good night. Seriously. Stinkin' addicting blog and wedding pictures. Happy Friday (in 5 minutes)


Abbey said...

I've been checking back waiting to see wedding pictures! Dustin's tux is the same one Jose will wear! He will also have an orchid boutonniere! I think that is a neat coinsidence. :) I'm looking forward to more pics! (I'm addicted to anything wedding!!!!)

Jay Scott said...

Dbutts - "what did i just get myself into"

Phillip M. Way said...

D Butts - "Swweeeeeet!"

J Butts - "Ready? Set? GO! Okay, now we have to get ready to go on a honeymoon, visit family, move, start new jobs, get D back to school, get settled in apartment, and then enjoy the next 70 years together!"

Blake - "huh?"