Friday, September 08, 2006

Mindy Makes Me Smile :)

I was thinking of my friend Mindy during my conference period today. While grading Social Studies journals... I have no idea why. Anyway, hope all is well with your job, Mindy. I posted this so everyone could see this fantastic picture. It always makes me smile. Back to work. Happy Friday!

And yes... it is Calvin's commentaries. :)
Ooh... and go to GerltHouse. There are MORE Jake pics.


Sarah Bebee said...

That is great! I love the picture of Mindy-lou too, but I didn't realize the Calvin's commentaries! You cute little Calvinist Mindy!!

mindy said...

Oh. Thank you, sweet Jamie! I am doing great! I just got back from dinner with Leah Kemerling, and she was asking about you.

Laura said...

mindy. thanks for the blank email. =)

love you j.