Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good Song, Date Night, and Journaling

"Son, thy sins are all forgiven."

This morning, I heard this song on the way to school. I was listening to the Red Mountain version ("Jesus Whispers"). When I looked it up at school, the original had even MORE amazing verses. What do you think about it? So good.

On a different note, part of Dustin and I trying to somewhat simplify our lives is DATE NIGHT. Every Wednesday. He's off work. I come home early. We go out to eat, hang out, and go to bed early. It's fantastic (if you're married and can arrange it in to your schedule, it's very beneficial). Tonight, we are also going to church at Third Avenue. I'm looking forward to it. Also, my school doesn't allow homework on Wednesday nights (church night) so the kids are happy and I'm happy (because of Date Night). It's a good day, but more so because Jesus whispers this SWEET sentence.

**I've also been thinking a lot about journaling lately. I make my students journal (usually with prompts) every morning. In my own life, I have journaled very sporadically. I remember my dear friend, Mary Row, telling me how journaling helps us record the history of God's faithful dealings in our life. OT constantly urges us to REMEMBER our past. Don Whitney, professor here at Southern, talks of journaling in his book about spiritual disciplines. I may blog (NOT the same as journaling) about this soon, but if you have any insights or more reasons to journal, let me know. It's on my mind

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