Monday, September 18, 2006

Reflections on Music

I'm a big music person. I was born to a sweet music family. I love to sing, but not necessarily in public. Love piano, although I'm really rusty. Dustin and I find ourselves humming or getting songs stuck in our heads so often! This morning I had my students listen to a classical song and then write in their journals whatever story, thoughts, response came to mind. My husband's giving me a new appreciation for some rap.

Honestly, I don't know much about good music that's out there today. I have yet to find a great radio station here. Ha! Most of what I listened to growing up is out of style now, and well... it probably always was :) Friends Are Friends Forever-type stuff. I know. Lame. However, I do LOVE music. I'm going to sound cheesy in this, but it's theraupetic to my soul. When I lived with the Stones I thoroughly enjoyed their music selection as they introduced me to various bands. I have belted out Annie songs with Anna Kate and hummed Alias with Erin. Earlier, I listened to one of Dustin's jazz c.d.'s as I washed dishes.

I LOVE hymns. I know that it was a big and silly debate (hymns, praise songs, or blended) among churches (and still is?) for many years, and obviously the issue is much more than music STYLE, but content and the attitudes of the heart, etc. For this post, I am NOT talking about music in church, but I am talking about worship music. Believers are to worship God in different seasons of our souls, even dark or stretching ones. I think I like Red Mountain music so much, because it is made up of hymns (which I love to play and love to sing.. which of course, there can be hymns that arne't "solid" and I'm not referring to those) AND it seems to capture the mood of my soul. That deep longing that isn't always really ready to scream praise Jesus 100X, but quietly wants to find a haven from this busy world to regain perspective. Sometimes the song that comes out is just a barely-audible cry for help. Anyway... for perspective or just some good music, head to Red Mountain Music. I especially enjoyed #7 (click on that link and find the song) - Weary of Earth, Myself, and Sin. I don't have it "all together" and these songs, the lyrics of which were written hundreds of years ago, somehow express that.


Jay Scott said...

Jamie, overjoyed to hear Dustin is introducing you to rap. I'm assuming you're keeping it Chrisitan rap. Probably a wise choice. Allow me to introduce you the trillest rapper out there. Lecrae, from Dallas.

Jay Scott said...

Trip Lee is another one of my favorites.

I'd reccomend listening to "Gotta Grow"

thejoeymoore said...

jamie!! i get to go to Kentucky!!! so exciting. i'll call you soon. yay for our music family. i was just telling a friend about that today. haha!