Monday, May 15, 2006

The Infamous Peeks :)

Those of you who know anything about me know that I don't have brothers. Sigh. ALWAYS wanted a brother, no offense to my 2 fun younger sisters. Think I'd be a little more athletic and not as sensitive if I also had a brother and just thought it'd be cool. Hehe. However, the Lord brought these two, godly, goofy, frugal-like-me, tall, 6'4" twin guys into my life who have filled the "like a brother role" (Davy, you fall in this category too) since 10th grade! Most of my friends have heard me mention them at least a time or two. :) They are dear friends and brothers in the faith. We have some funny memories and good times as we went through some fun, sanctifying, challenging, great years together. And Kevin married sweet Becky so she became one of my fun Peek friends too!

Anyway, they posted today! Everyone go and shower it with comments so they'll be motivated to post more often. Also, Michael Stone has a great post today as well. Check it! Way to Blog, Peeks! I hope to see you soon!!! Christopher, when are you going to get a blog, brother?

I will be catching you up soon, but right now - things are just crazy. 4 weddings in a row coming up and about 8 days of school left! A few other little things (ha!) going on around here too, but maybe I can catch you up soon and very soon.

Peace out.
One of my kids noted how I said "peace out" to them the other day instead of goodbye. Good grief, I must be the most unprofessional teacher ever! :P I don't even remember saying that. :)

Wow, my kids have been really wild lately. All of 5th grade has! So say a prayer for sanity and endurance to finish well and have Fruit of the Spirit!


The Once Dead Poet said...

I think hanging out with the O.D.P. is turning you into a gangsta :)

Peace out yo!

Phillip M. Way said...

ODP is beside himself
even though his poetry is top shelf
but now and then he surprises me
by tryin to rap and jive you see

'cause while he can rhyme
and try to jump around
when it comes to rappin
he's a big tall clown

but then there's me
plain as can be
losin my sanity
while keepin it punny

now you know I am hip and can hop
I can rhyme, I can dance
I make people laugh a lot

Cause my name's pastorway
and I can say
I like to read my Bible
and pray everyday!!!!

Yo, here's givin' a shout out to my buds on their blogs!!


~ The Faster Pastor, aka Tulip Dog (the plain white rapper)

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

TULIP DOG - that was hilarious. You just made my day. :)