Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A few shout-outs

Happy Birthday (one day late) to my friends Sarah Bebee and (a week or so late) Jennifer Dower!

Congrats to Slade Cozart and Laura Tunnell. They just got engaged. Check their blogs! We are excited and praying! I will never ever say that it was crazy timing. =) We're just dying for you guys to come visit again!

To my pal, Chad Gerlt, who had a big interview today. We're praying!

A shout-out to Rebekah... I still owe you a phone call. :P

Michael Stone landed a great job. Woo-hoo!

Camp Buckner friends- the counselors are coming. =)

Arlington friends, the ODP has finally arrived. Yea!

My dad got a new job - praise the Lord!

Blake and Alicia are getting married!

The Peeks are posting!

Sarah D. has sweet Mikayla Grace.

Baby Jake and Baby L are coming!

My students are quiet and my report cards are finished!

I even had Panda Express for lunch.

However.. I realize that these fun circumstances (whether huge and important or small and somewhat trivial) should not be the basis of my joy. The steadfast love of the Lord endures forever and we serve a God who rules and reigns. It is interesting to look back at times where I was in the "depths of despair" and enter such joyous seasons now, but to know that the same God rules and reigns through either season. The Lord gives and takes away. We must recognize both as from his hand. He not ONLY takes away, but also gives. May joy in Christ spring from your heart, whether from the valley of despair or from the heights of joy and blessing. There is always joy to be had for the believer.


gerlthouse said...

Love me some Jamie.

sarahdodson said...

Hi, dear Jamie. Thanks for my "shout-out." what exactly IS a shout-out anyway? Whatever it is, I like it b/c I got one:) thanks! Good reminder that our God is sovereign in good times and in bad. Glad you're going through a good. "rejoice with them that rejoice."

Rebekah said...

Oh, dear Jamie! How faithful our Lord has beent o bring you through those depths of despair to this time of great rejoicing. We who wept with you are now overjoyed for you! I love you! Call when you can, but I do understand that you are VERY busy!
PS~ Glad to hear the ODP has arrived...sweet times, I'm sure!

Cole said...

Hey Jamie,
Browsin the blogs and thought I would say hi!
Hope your doing well. :-)
Miss talkin with you. I enjoyed our chats!
Love ya and have a blessed week!