Sunday, May 07, 2006

Charity's Wedding

We had such a great weekend! My dear friend Charity got hitched! The other girl with us is Kari and I'm in her wedding in June. We all played Volleyball together back in the day. There were 8 bridesmaids, 400 something people, a few tears, and the sermon was really good! I even survived the toast. That's about all I have for now. Later.


Phillip M. Way said...

for those of us who do not know.....which one in blue is you??


Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Hehe. I am the tall gal with brown hair. The girl on the left is Kari.

Pastor Phillip - I am definitely looking forward to meeting you and your family. I may be e-mailing you soon. :)

The Once Dead Poet said...

Man, the girl on the right is absolutely gorgeous...wish I could meet a girl like her :P

betsy said...

400 people. man i almost out did her with my one guest.hehe

Phillip M. Way said...

Ah ha! As Dustin explained it to me on the phone today - you're the gorgeous girl with brown hair who is taller than me! :) So I guess when we meet I will already be looking up to you.

Once I get my computer running again I will check my email.


jwhite143 said...

The picture is simply Amazing! How can you girls be this old? You were just 15 yrs. old the other day. Time flys but you will always be Stretch to me!