Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Prompt

I couldn't think of a good Cinco De Mayo prompt today. I'm trying to attack a to-do list and Blogging is never high up there. So, real quick.

I think I'll just re-visit a subject I used to discuss often with an old friend of mine. I'm wondering if anyone will actually reply.

What is the difference between grace and mercy?

To anyone in the area, I finally found a good Breakfast Burrito place (in honor of the holiday, ha). I thought it was pretty yummy.

Back to work. But not work involving lots of kiddos. What a quiet room. How peaceful.

Say a prayer for Charity and Aaron's wedding weekend. :)

Until next time.

(Rebekah, sorry I still haven't called)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jamie! I like your prompt today. Both grace and mercy are so key in the Christian life. My pastor always says, "Grace is God's divine influence on the heart, and reflection in the life." I like that definition. It's a working grace. And mercy is God not totally destroying us and casting us off forever, which we deserved. And, He's a faithful forgiver of sin. I think they go together. God graciously has mercy on us!
sarah dodson

Rebekah said...

I only have a moment right now...Ryan's needing Mommy, but I will post a response to your prompting soon!

mindy said...

YAY! I have a new post! Check it out. I hope that you are having fun with Mrs. Bebee. I wish that I could be there. Only a few more minutos of Cinco de Mayo. Arriba!

Travis Mitchell said...

Sister I thought I would reply to this because the Lord has been teaching me a little about this lately. I've always heard mercy defined as not getting what you deserve and grace as getting what you don't deserve. In other words...

mercy = no hell
grace = heaven

Imagine yourself speeding 25 over in a school zone (I know it's hard!). A cop pulls you over and walks up to the window. Although you are completely deserving of a devestating ticket, he has mercy on you and lets you off.

Now imagine the same situation. This time the cop walks up to the window and hands you a crisp one-hundred dollar bill. That's grace.

What do you think?

Kari said...

I often browse through the world of blogs that I connect to via Eron's, and sometimes I "stumble" across yours. Hope all is well with you. But, actually I read the question about grace and mercy, and was reminded of when Sarah Stephens did a bible study in Phi Lamb over the attributes of God. And I'm not sure if she quoted Pink, or came up with this herself, it went something like this...

Grace is getting what you DON'T deserve and
Mercy is NOT getting what you deserve

It always helped me clarify, because sometimes people use those words without thinking about what they EACH mean. :)

blake white said...

Hey! I remember reading a puritan say that 'Mercy keeps withholding what I do deserve, and grace keeps giving me what I do not." Similar to Kari's thoughts. Peace!