Wednesday, April 19, 2006

While The Coffee Is Brewing

Good morning, Blog World.

A few annoucements to make and then I need to go grab my much-needed java juice and get this day started...

1. My father is doing great! The surgery went "better than expected" and he is cracking jokes, smiling, and should go home this morning. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

2. ALIAS is tonight. I'm hoping GerltHouse will post on this a little later, so stay tuned. If you have never heard of Alias (not Aliens, mom - haha), well um, you should. Or maybe you shouldn't (it's addicting!)... I am not a big TV watcher. I'm a big loser about movies and actors, but this show has me hooked. :) More than the show, I'm looking forward to some time with the friends who share my obsession with Sydney, Vaughn, Marshall, Jack, etc. :)

3. A good buddy of mine is having a birthday today. I told you it was Birthday week. I'll try not to embarass these birthday friends too much, but a shout-out is in order. Dustin, The Once Dead Poet, is celebrating his 24th birthday today! Go post a birthday comment on his blog. :) Dustin-Where to start? You'll just have to check your e-mail... and snail mail! :)

4. Quick prayer request - I'm "leading" another Teacher Devotional this morning at my school. If you think of it, (even if it's after the fact) be asking that the Lord would use His Word. Maybe I'll post more on this later.

Time for coffee...


Rebekah said...

Hi you! Glad your dad's doing well. I prayed for all of you yesterday!
ALIAS!!!! I'm so excited about it being back on...of course, I'm going to miss seeing it tonight, but it's certainly going to be recording while I'mm at prayer meeting!! Can't wait to get caught back up with the whole crew!
I'd send a happy birthday along to Dustin personally, but he doesn't really know me, so maybe he'll find my "Happy birthday!" here!
Love you, Jamie! Keep in touch!

gerlthouse said...

JAMIE!!! It's here! It's about stinkin' time, right? Will Vaugh be alive? Will Sydney have her baby? Will Irina be evil afterall? Tune in tonight at the GerltHouse. We'll get some dinner, get the kids in bed and settle in for (an embarrassing) two hour premier. Woohoo!
And to the Once Dead Poet...Happy Birthday from the Gerlts! We wish that your birthday could be spent frolicking outside in the nice spring weather or having some dinner at Steak-N-Shake or something...but the truth is, you probably have to read and write papers. We hope you have a great birthday!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Erin - did you see that? Rebekah likes Alias too. Yea for Rebekah! We'll try not to spill the beans before you watch the recording! Woohoo. I can't wait.. between teaching about Nitrogen (I know.. can you believe I'm a Science teacher!) and the phases of the moon, it is hard not to daydream.. I mean think about Vaughn (just kidding, ODP) - I mean Sydney's spy moves. Michael Stone - you know you want to watch it with us tonight. Be honest!

slade said...

I can't believe ya'll watch such trash! Alias? Please.

Let me know when you obtain at least some resemblance of culture and start watching a show with some meat to it.

Anyone up for watching some Lost tonite?

Michael Stone said...

Thank you for the coffee, by the way. I always appreciate it.

Maybe I'll give Alias another try tonight....after the Mavs' game.

gerlthouse said...

Michael, can you TIVO it for Chad? I'll give you a call.

And Slade...come on. Trash? Now really. That hurt.

slade said...

Ok maybe not trash, but definitely not something that I would pick to watch.

Sure I know, everyone is entitled to their opinion or whatever, but I just feel that I need to make sure that you know that your opinion is awful. ;-)

You can thank me later. =D