Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just a few pictures and afternoon thoughts

Don't get me wrong. I really love my kids at school! I hope you don't get the impression that there is nothing good about my job. It has been a learning process to "embrace my lot" if you will, but the Lord has been kind to teach me along the way.

It has been very stretching. The truth is though... even on the very worst days, that I still get to work with children! What I have always wanted to do... Some people are good with numbers, some people love typing away in cubicles, some people paint, play with MACs, write poems, etc. I have never felt like I was good at anything specific. I don't even practice the piano like I should. :( But I do love kids.

I was flipping through some pictures on my digital camera and thought I'd give you a peek into the world of Ms. Moore. This summer, I'm sure I'll be able to post more thoughtfully and spend a little time on it. Right now, however, my world is basically these kids. And as hard as it can be, and as refreshing as a change will be, I am sure that I will miss them more than I realize.

I don't know exactly how to post these pictures in the right places. I hope to post a picture of my 3 co-teachers, Robyn, Wanchi (from Hong Kong) and Candiss. These are the ladies (Mrs, Braun, Ms. Ho, and Mrs. Smith) that I see every day. They have been a tremendous help!

I've been convicted lately that I don't pray enough for my kids. Some of them have TOUGH home lives. And just as every other human being, they are in need of salvation from their sins that can only come from Christ.

I spent the major portion of my days and weeks with these children. They may drive me crazy, but I love them to pieces. Another picture is of two of my sweet kids, Kevin (from Vietnam) and Matthew. They are two huge helpers.

Kevin is one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my whole LIFE. Every day, he asks me how I'm doing, if he can help me, he works neatly, makes A's, and has this magical way of earning the respect of all his peers. He's humble and doesn't want any attention, and even the kids who are really rowdy and "gangsta" love him and he can encourage them to get quiet and on-task better than I can!

Matthew is a hard worker. He has to work hard for his grades. I recently nominated him for Safety Patrol and his face lit up! He was just thrilled! He takes his responsibility VERY seriously and somehow, the world is a safer place in my mind because of him. :) Another picture is of Tailor, the sweet girl working hard. She can be a toot, but she means well. I think all the time though.. especially lately.. what am I really teaching them? Is anything getting through? I've been trying to combine academics with teaching them respect, responsibility, integrity.. to own up to their behavior when they break rules.

It's interesting whenever you get to the END of something how it makes you think and reflect... is it ever like that for you? When you get to the end of high school, or the end of an interview, a relationship, a summer at camp, a semester at school, etc? The year is coming to a close. I have regrets, but I also hold on to hope for many of these kids. I know that they are goobers because they are sinners. I know they need hope that can only be found in the truth of Scipture, not just in passing the TAKS test. Sigh. I think I have this tendency to kind of demand to see the fruit right now. It's hard to be patient and have days where you seem to have no impact, but you have to lean on truth, not feelings. And just keep pressing on.. loving a kid, sharing the Gospel, praying for lost friends, teaching your lessons, waiting on the Lord, breathing in and breathing out....

Kind of my random thoughts for the day, but if nothing else, enjoy the pictures.


Rebekah said...

Enjoyed hearing all of this! Thanks for sharing.

The Once Dead Poet said...

Good is so hard, but so sanctifying to trust the Lord to work in the lives of others when the world tells you that if you don't see instant results you aren't doing thins right. Keep pressing on and trusting in the Lord!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Rebekah - yes, we can visit soon. Maybe life will slow down a tad this weekend and I can call or at least write a good e-mail. :)

ODP - thanks so much for your CONSTANT encouragement, especially with the job. The Lord has been kind!