Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Redeeming our time, words, cancer...

My dad is having surgery in the morning at 7:15AM. It should last around 3 hours. If you get this, would you please be praying for him? As crazy as this initially sounds to our ears, pray that the cancer "won't be wasted". Head here to see what I mean by that. Thanks. I'm encouraged by this perspective, whether your trial is cancer, a broken heart, or misbehaving 5th graders. Aren't you?

And... I will be explaining the title of this Blog (and defining deportment and why I chose that specific quote) soon.

I was reminded tonight of the value and importance of our words. Held accountable for both words spoken and written. Makes me scared to talk or type, knowing that I do way too much of both. I hope that this Blog will be enjoyable at times, but also serve some sort of redeeming purpose (hence, my growing mental purpose statement). I'd rather not waste my time or yours. The Blogs I read have spurred me on quite often, to thought or to action.. and sometimes, just providing a bright spot in my day. (See Her Favorite Song)

Psalm 90:14

Fun birthday parties tonight (Max, see previous post, and James, a friend from church). Great fellowship and so much fun to watch a fun adopted kid have so many people love on him. And then.. to sit around with dear friends and truly visit/fellowship. Good times.

One more thing - Happy Birthday to Julie Stone about 35 minutes early. :) Big Birthday week.

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Laura said...

hey jamie. praying for you and your family today. i love you!! thanks for letting me post---although i'm not an official blogger. =)