Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The day is off to a good start...

If I remember correctly, I was always the kid who never won anything. Even under coke lids, it was always a string of letters and numbers.. mine never said that I could go claim my S.U.V, trip to Disney, or even a free coke.

Anyway, they have this drawing at my school for teachers to win a free chair massage. This morning...I won! Good stuff, huh? A good way to start the day. They announced it over the loudspeaker, and my kids were flipping out.. cheering as if I had won a million dollars. :)

Much more serious posts to come... but not today. It's pretty busy. Maybe tomorrow. Stay tuned.


gerlthouse said...

The only thing I ever won was a giant Pink Panther. What does one do with a giant Pink Panther? Well, nothing, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever because I won it. Kind of like the Dad on A Christmas Story.
"Fragile"...hmmm. Must be Italian.

Slade said...


I have a drawer full of Dr. Pepper lids that are winners up here at work if you would like one. Or two. Someone has me on a Dr. Pepper ban. =(

And I don't want to waste these things on Diet Dr. Pepper. Yuck!