Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Morning Prompt

Good morning! See last Friday's post to discover why I'm asking YOU to write now. I haven't come up with a terrific prompt this week, but I still hope you'll join in (if you have time). Just post a comment to answer the question (unless you want to post on your own Blog).

1) What are your thoughts on The American Dream? A. Define it. B. Discuss it. I am being ambiguous for a reason. Just go with it. :)

This time, I will share mine at the end of the day. But you have to go first...

Enjoy your day!

We are enjoying your Samson posts, Mr. Stone... I owe you lots of comments. This weekend, perhaps. :)


The Once Dead Poet said...

We've already discussed this in some detail, but I'll throw my two cents in.

What is the American Dream?

Comfort and Self Satisfaction. Not only having more than you need, but desiring even more than that. It is materialism at its finest. The desire to make much of yourself at the expense of others. The hope of retiring at 40 and spending the rest of your life in a house that has far more rooms than you will ever use. Always wanting more.

My thoughts?

It goes against all that Christ calls us to be. Example: The rich young ruler. We, as Christians should be comfortable being uncomfortable. We should be content with having nothing more than what we need. Is that mindset an excuse not to work hard and to shun promotion? No. It is a reason to work even harder, not for promotion or ego's sake, but in order that you might bless others out of your abundance.

To me the American Dream is just that, a dream. There is no joy in materialism, it only leads to want. It also leads to loving the gifts more than the giver, somethign that Christians should never do.

Great prompt Ms. Moore :)

Michael Stone said...

I had another post in mind this morning, but I will work on this while my kids are testing. Check StoneLife later....good prompt.

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Check out sweet Rebekah's response to the prompt. She is one of my links on my site.... Go check it out! :)

Cole said...

Hey Jamie!
I dont have time to make this long but thought I would stop by and say Hi! I saw your thing off Beccas place so here I am! Staying busy I see! I got a job at an airport near here ( well two of them really haha) so I am staying busy with that. I really do enjoy it to. Stay in touch!!! Bye for now.