Sunday, April 16, 2006

Entering The Blog Circle

Well, here I am. My own BLOG. I've been kind of a "closet blogger" for awhile now. After some persuasion, I've decided to join ranks. Don't expect more than a few posts a week until this summer. Everyone seems to have a different purpose for their Blog, and I've been giving some thought to why I would want to add ANOTHER thing to my to-do list. Yet, I have concluded that it could be a profitable way to use my time and an effective way to stay in touch. We'll see! Besides this growing "purpose statement" for my Embracing Your Lot (will explain the title soon), you may see some other themes - reflections on public education, Alias, stories from hanging at Gerlt House, photos, etc.

Resurrection Sunday. Many thoughts. This morning, Pastor Steve (Heritage Baptist Church) preached over 1 Corinthians 15. He explained how Paul didn't try to prove the resurrection of Christ, but proved the necessary character of the resurrection (resurrection in general, because if there is not resurrection, Christ did not rise from the dead) by showing what life would be like if there had been no resurrection. Through all of the passages and points he made, I walked away reminded that life is hopeless and my faith and preaching are in vain were it not for the resurrection. His points were that Scripture itself would be undermined, the Christian faith is empty and futile, and well, why bother with anything at all? He left us with many questions to ponder... mainly, does the doctrine of the resurrection burden you (because of the coming judgment) or give you great hope? He also reminded us that every other religion lives for this world alone, but Christianity is the only religion where believers live for the world to come.

I'll try to do a little more with this later on down the road. I'm not even sure how to add links. My friends will tell you that I can get long-winded, but I'll close and get back to reflecting/reading/relaxing and... getting ready to transform to "Ms. Moore, 5th grade teacher" for yet another week.

"I have a great need for Christ. I have a great Christ for my need." - Spurgeon


Chad Gerlt said...

Hooray for Jamie!!! I hope you have the same discovery that Michael Stone had, being that a blog is not only for you, but also for everyone else who wants to keep up with the goings on in your world.

Let it be noted that I was the first person to comment on the much anticipated Jamie blog.

Peace out!

Slade said...

Second comment! And thats only because I just now got the email letting me know that this place exists.

No fair that Chad lives just down the street.

Jamie, how about a post on how not remembering the name of your friend can actually help build a relationship? I can provide testimony to back up your claims!

The Once Dead Poet said...

Looking forward to what lies ahead for the blog and for life in general. Sadly, I think you already have more readers than I do :P

gerlthouse said...

Sweet Jamie! So excited. Welcome to the blog world! Love you so!

Rebekah said...

Hi, sweet Jamie! Welcome to the world of blogging!! I'm attempting one myself, so I'm sure I'll see around the blog sites!
Love you, praying for you, miss you.

blake white said...

Jamie!!!! Welcome to the blogworld. I look forward to reading. Peace!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Aw, thanks everyone! Will you guys be my 6 faithful readers? :) So, I'm sitting here at work, about to head out eating some Whopper/Robin Eggs. Who is on board for yummy Easter candy, despite convictions about Resurrection Day? I mean, I agree with all of the recent discussion about Resurrection Day and not celebrating Easter like the world does, BUT I do have to admit - I love Robin Eggs. :) Can't wait for Max's party tonight. See you there, Bloggers who live in Arlington. Rebekah, good to see you online today. I miss you!

Eron said...


Wussup!!?? You are one of are one of are one of us.....sorry, it's just the brainwashing techniques we use to initiate new cult, er, I mean, fellow bloggers.

By the way, who is Eron PlevOn? I know an Eron PlevAn. I guess if Eron PlevOn is out there then it's a neat coincidence.