Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mohler Would Like Camp Buckner!!

When I hear DODGEBALL, I think CAMP BUCKNER. A quick run through blogworld before I head out made me grow in appreciation for our seminary president.

I love dodgeball. I stunk at it, but it was a blast.

If you worked at Camp Buckner for any length of time, the following things probably come to your mind: Ranger Dog Carols with Brent Dawson directing, Ryan Bebee, Paige, camo, camp-out...

And as a teacher, I think the WAR AGAINST PLAY is pretty interesting. Mohler is pro-play and pro-dodgeball ("Just give the kids a ball and let them loose. Isolate the bullies and let the other kids play, and play hard.") I think he would be pro-Camp Buckner.

And once again, for the record, we are NOT a cult. =)

UPDATE ON DR. PEPPER POST: See the comments section for yesterday's post for an interesting and helpful discussion about caffeine intake and my goals. So far, so good.


mindy said...

All I can say is ... OOOOOOWWWWWWEEEEEE!!!!

Kari Plevan said...

I knew there was something I liked about that man....and I knew it had to be more than the amazing intellect, sound theology, witty humor, and kind spirit....yup, you got it right....it's cause he'd be a dogdeball loving, CB non-cult joining, APACHE screaming, crazy-costume wearing (ok maybe not), person in a heartbeat, given the chance

mindy said...

jamie. thanks for the link to that article on loving your fellow brothers in Christ. it is something that i needed. also, i wanted to remind you that i still have that book (with the 'cheesy' title), and i have recommended it to a lot of people. you can get it when you are here for christmas. i have been learning a lot, and it sounds like you have too. thanks for the encouragement!