Thursday, November 09, 2006

2 Posts I Recommend (and quotes from each)

1. OT Thoughts on God's Mercy
(by my favorite poet)

We question and probe, always asking "why?" rather than trusting, like David, that God is always in control, always right, always good. We are quick to scream out "why have you forsaken me?" but never quite get to "you give and you take away, blessed be your name!"

2. Reflections on the need for Christians to be NORMAL
(by a friend of ours from church)

Excepting our bold moral and verbal gospel witness, we shouldn't be known as "the Christian wacko" because we ask everybody in the office if they've seen "Omega Code 2" or eaten a "Bible Foods Granola Bar." When your Christian-culture synapses start firing like Gettysburg riflemen, take a few deep breaths, and sit in a darkened room for a few minutes. Then, emerge normal. Repeat as often as necessary.

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Sarah Bebee said...

Loved the "normal" post James! Amen!