Tuesday, November 14, 2006

5:00 Club and Bracing Yourself for 10 Minutes of Misery

Hey, hey!

Awhile back, I was contemplating SLEEP (**fixed the link - sorry about yesterday) and our lack of it and pondering the need to strive to get at least what our body needs to be pleasant.

Now... I am thinking through my morning routine.

I used to call myself a morning person. BEFORE I became a teacher, I guess.

I'm still a morning WORKER, but the decision to wake up early is a decision. Every day. To my shame, I keep "joining" (so to speak) and then quiting and joining ranks with the I (rested Jamie) set my alarm for 5:00, but then I (grumpy, sleepy Jamie) seem to snooze it fairly often, only to find myself super frustrated when the rest of the morning is chaotic club. Can anyone relate?

On that note, I direct you to an archived post of Girl Talk...

Go check out this post about The 5:00 Club.

All I have to say is... I was talking with Dustin about this article this morning and we decided to move our alarm clocks to the other side of the room.

We have caffeine goals, I have cleaning goals and now... I'm joining the 5:00 club. Morning fights, as Erin and I call them... Not aiming for perfection, but a more disciplined life. The post mentions how the time may be different (will be) for different women in different seasons of life with different responsibilities and schedules. However, the goal is waking up earlier.

Want to join?

P.S. The Mahaneys have a special encouragement for new mothers... Also, this practice may not be realistic for moms with young children who still get up at night. You are already a part of the midnight club and the 3:00a.m. club, aren’t you? No mother of an infant should be condemned by this post.


gerlthouse said...

So, I'm a member. I try to be the best little member I can be. With my new little man sleeping better now, I'm getting back in the groove. I love it. And I didn't even know I was in a club. How fun. I love clubs. We had tons of them when we were little girls. And now I'm a member of Costco AND the 5:00 club. Wow. Cool. Two clubs. :)

gerlthouse said...

On a more serious note, winning the morning fight has everything to do with winning the night fight, right Jamie Butts? That's the part I'm really bad at. The night fight. Getting in my covers before the clock strikes midnight. Or eleven. Or even 10:30.

Anonymous said...

These past few days I have been going to bed earlier (10 or 11) and waking up earlier. It is a true joy, I don't feel overwhelmed about the day, I have plenty of time with the Lord and even extra time to get started on homework and sometimes hit the gym early!! Unfortunetly, tonight will be an all-nighter (got a big test tomorrow), but I am a big fan of early mornings. By the way, James, I will call you sometime, this has been the craziest semester of them all. I love you lots and look forward to talking to you soon!

Jenn said...

opps that the third one is from me... Jenn Dower

Anonymous said...

Cool! I guess I am a member of that club, too! I just wake up now. I don't even need the alarm anymore. The only problem is that I have actually started waking up 30 mins. earlier than my wake up time. Do you think God is trying to tell me something or am I getting my morning person "Morning Love" back? Oh, I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Ok I'll join, except it'll be the 6:00 club for me. It's usually 6:30 or 7, but I know I can wake up at 6...I won't be late to work or rushed AND I can sit down and enjoy a little reading with my breakfast or coffee.
Is there a membership fee?

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Great job, Erin! What are your new night fight goals?

Sweet Jenn Dower - we LOVE our placemats and chopsticks from East Asia. Thanks! I miss you! What's your blog addy again?

Kelli - I haven't had that problem (waking up before the alarm clock) in a loooong time. I'm trying not to be jealous. :) What time do you hit the sack?

Kari - you can do it! No membership fees. Want me to call you at 6 real quick for a few days to get you going? I can if you want. Erin and I used to get up early, make coffee, turn on the computer, and write each other saying we're up and about to read or whatnot. :) Either way, you can do it! It'll help me just to know someone else really close by is also in the "club" - ha! Enjoyed going to the Pampered Chef show with ya! We should post about it soon.... Woke up wishing I had some frozen bacon to zap for breakfast. :)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could say that I get to bed at a regular time too but I just hit the sack when ever I can. I usually aim for 10 though.