Tuesday, November 21, 2006

4 Months Tomorrow! =)


As my students sit here taking their Math tests, I take a quick break to post. Hopefully, I can put forth something more substantial over the break.

Well, the subject of this post is actually not referring to the adorable baby boy.

Dustin and I will have been married 4 months tomorrow! Before long, we'll even even celebrate our 1 year of knowing each other when we ring in the new year! At CAL Elementary Chapel, they asked me to share a blessing (in front of 600 kiddos and teachers - I got nervous) and I went with that one. They put a HUGE picture up from our wedding and my kids all waved at me when I got up to talk about "Mr. Butts". Well, I didn't bawl like my wedding day, but I truly do praise the Lord for this blessing and all of the many changes from this year!

Another thing I'm thankful for is our church. The Lord is at work and we are praising him for the recent baptisms and how He is growing us and using it to convict, encourage and teach us. I am LEARNING so much from a book study with some sweet ladies. Also, we will be spending Thanksgiving with my sister Joey (coming tomorrow) and a family from church!

Well, I should be off to grading now! Enjoy the above picture of sweet Baby Jake! For those church friends who are new to this blog and stop by (despite my inconistency), Baby Jake is the much-prayed-for son of my dear TX friends, Erin and Chad. You can catch their blog over at GerltHouse.

Erin, your kids' thankful feathers from the Butts are on the way... Yea! :)


gerlthouse said...

Wow, what a cute kid!! Whose kid is that??? Wink, wink!
I'm thankful for you guys this Thanksgiving. Love you-

Cole said...

Congrats! :-P

You should go check out my new post :-P

Love you!

The Once Dead Poet said...

You, my darling wife, are the blessing! Best 4 months of my life!! =)

Anonymous said...

So happy for the dear couple. God is so good, isn't He? Every day is thanksgiving when you know the Lord!

Sarah Bebee said...

JAMIE! I can't believe I got to hear your voice this weekend! I am so sorry we didn't get to talk. It ended up being a little busy. Let's try to touch base this week. I'm doing JC interviews the next two nights, but maybe after that! I love you girl and can't wait to catch up!!!!!!!! And PS -- we can't wait to be in L'ville too!!