Monday, March 02, 2009

The Ministry Of Adoption

We have several friends who have adopted, will adopt or are in the process of adopting. I have recently heard the phrase, "the ministry of adoption" which really struck me. We are blessed to know these families. I am really close with my dear friends' adopted son, my buddy Max (although we haven't hung out in awhile) from the Ukraine. And now, other dear friends of ours are on their last steps of adopting after a long and refining process of waiting and trusting. Charity has been one of my best friends since 9th grade, and I have loved watching her and her husband grow in the Lord as they have gone through the blessings and trials of this adoption. Please join in prayer for them as they travel overseas to adopt and meet their baby, Lord willing, and follow their story. And maybe you could leave them an encouraging comment! They have given me permission to post a link to their blog here... I strongly encourage you to look back at their archives. It is encouraging how the Lord has been their strength and hope each step of the way... God loves the fatherless.
We love you, Claytons. We're still praying!

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Anonymous said...

Jamie -

I am blessed to have several adopted friends; one in particular I consider among my very closest.

I'll certainly be praying for the Clayton family as they go to meet their baby! Maybe I'll even follow along in their blog.

- Ian Smith